Dude. You don’t need to be porn star to be HOT!

When I started this, it was going to be a “nips” post. Then I opened my “amateurs” folder and, well… this just kind of happened. Sometimes our best posts are unplanned ones. Ben looked at these pics and said “Tell the guys we have plans for #44, so he won’t be available for a while.” 🙂

It’s a “Friends Friday” look at some “noteworthy nips”!

Hey, guys. It’s Keon. It’s been a crazy week for us, but we promised to tell you a bit about our new lake cabin… so here goes. First, I’d say Rick and I fell in love with it the minute we saw it, but didn’t think we could afford to buy it. Then, David jumped in and made the offer and gave the seller an earnest money check, so we were off and running. Easter Sunday afternoon, Rick, Ben, Travon, Dub, the dogs and most of the gang headed home. David, Scott, Denise and I stayed at the Lake to get the purchase going. As it turned out, Scott and Denise decided to buy the place and pay cash for it (must be nice!). They’re going to close on it as quick as possible – then split it up and sell parts to the rest of us. Jim knows a surveyor he thinks will get on it before long. Rick and I will be buying the cabin and five acres.
The cabin is much smaller than either David and Ben’s or Cal and Alex’s. It’s built on a concrete slab – 1152 square foot ground floor – two bedrooms and two baths. There’s also a front loft with sliding doors to a deck that has an awesome view of the lake. “Phil” (the seller) gave me his father’s accordion file on the place and I’ve spent several hours going through it. It’s about a foot thick and has a floor plan and records of everything he did to the cabin after he built it. Interestingly, he (the father) replaced the heating and air conditioning system about five years ago – and has kept it heated and cooled even though he’s been living in an assisted living center out by Denver. He paid a property management company out of Branson to check on it every month after he left. It’s full of old furniture that “Phil” says is “a bunch of old junk.” He doesn’t want it and is including it in the sale. Said we could “have it or have it hauled to the dump.” Alex looked at it, grinned, and said “Just leave the covers on the furniture and we’ll deal with it later.” The cabin is in pretty good shape but the kitchen appliances will need replacing and it’ll need a lot of paint and t.l.c.
There’s no storm cave, but we know some neighbors who will probably share theirs 🙂 There’s a rock garden with a gazebo, oriental garden statues and about every kind of weed you could imagine. It’ll be a project!
Meanwhile, it’s the busiest time of year for Rick’s business (he manages the nursery and supervises four landscaping and lawn maintenance crews) so he’s been working ten or twelve hour days and really hasn’t had time to even think about the cabin. It’s supposed to rain all week here so hopefully things will slow down a bit for him.
Travon absolutely loves the cabin but I don’t think he really understands we’re buying it and he’ll have his own room there. I think he’s just completely overwhelmed by all the changes in his life since he adopted us.
Anyway, thanks for sharing our excitement over our new place on the lake – and we hope you’ll find at least some of these nips “noteworthy” 🙂
xoxo Keon and Rick

What’s better… the jeans? or the nips? – Photo re-post

We have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how the pics got so screwed up on this post yesterday. We would have deleted the post and re-posted the pics… but if we’d done that, we would have lost your comments. So — this is just a test to see if WordPress will get it right this time?