Happy birthday, dear Denny!

It’s Denny’s birthday and we’re wishing him good health, bright, sunny, shorts and sneakers days… carefree romps with the puppies… sloppy, endless hugs from Dave and lots of Ken Jennings-hosted Jeopardy episodes. We love you, Denny. Thank you for being a special friend of Unrulydude and the Table Rock gang. xoxo David, Ben and everyone at the lake!

Full disclosure. Our excellent friend Beto e-mailed us a couple of weeks ago with wonderful pics for Denny’s birthday. So… pics #01 through #030 – and #48 are a special birthday gift from Beto. Thank you for these, Beto… your selections are “spot-on” and sexy as Hell. Love you!

Check it out, dude… Nips pooking through!

There’s an interesting story about this post. On July 23rd, Jingle commented:
“Hi!! Had a thought inspired by this fantastic post!!… How about a post of guys, with their shirts ON… but big hard nipples pooking through!!
Anyone like that idea?!?! I have a few pics I could send Buff!!…”
We loved the idea, so we sent Jingle an e-mail asking him to send us his pics. He replied “Damn dude, I would have sworn that I some other pics like this from old Tumblr posts! They must have been lost when an old Stupidphone literally blew up!… Grrr… This pic is perfect, though! Love you, John”
So we went in search of pics for the post… but were having a major problem finding them. So, of course, we turned to Beto for help. We sent him an e-mail explaining our problem and asking if he had any pics that would work. He replied: ” I certainly take on the challenge for pics that suit Jingle’s request, hoping to help you guys with some ones. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Hugs and all the best, Beto.”
And, boy… did he ever help! He sent us 42 wonderful pics.
Since we already had some pics collected, this post is a combination of one pic from Jingle (#01 here) – 24 pics from Beto (marked with a small “b” in the lower left or right corner of the photo), and the remaining 23 from our folders.
So… it’s a joint effort that was amazing good fun. Hope you guys like it.
THANK YOU BETO – and, of course, Thanks Jingle for a great post suggestion!

Check it out, dude. “Fur and Ink”!

On December 19, 2018, we did a post (requested by bw) of “Yummy young hairy dudes.” Beto commented on it, saying he’d like a “fur & ink” post. We started a folder of pics but somehow got side-tracked and didn’t remember it until Beto commented on our “Do you wanna dance” post. He said (in part) “I was quick to find furry inked bottoms #7 and #11! You know, David, they’d fit perfectly in the fur & ink post suggestion I made a while ago.”
So, we e-mailed him and asked him for the date of his request and finally got this put together. It’s taken us about 26 months, but here’s the “fur & ink” post you requested, babe. Hope you enjoy looking at it as much as we enjoyed putting it together 🙂