The nose knows!

Way back on May 24, 2016, our buddy “bw” commented, saying:
“For some reason men’s ears grow all their lives – so if I make it as long as this old coot I’m going to have mine reduced. It’s odd that you get old and you can’t hear so good, but you got a set of ears on you that should work like a German Shepard.”
In response to this comment, Beto said:
“bw, regarding the growth of ears over our lifetime, that’s true for women as well… and the same thing happens to our noses… which led me to think: nose is not a tag yet… so, if you guys were looking for another body part after ‘navel’, there it is! 😀 Hugs, Beto.”
So, we opened “Noses” folders – and they’ve been sitting on our (very crowded) desktops ever since. Ben and I have both put pics in the folder from time-to-time, but a “Noses” post just hasn’t happened.
A couple of days ago, I re-read the comments from “bw” and “beto.” and decided it was time.
So – here you go, guys. At long last – a “Noses” post. I suppose eventually we’re destined to run out of body parts, but, in any case, we love a challenge and this was fun! Thanks, Beto for a great suggestion.