Check it out. Dudes rated “PG”

Hey, guys, it’s Ben. I wasn’t sure what rating to assign to this post, so I looked up the ratings guide on-line:
“G: General Audiences. This program is designed to be appropriate for all ages. …
PG: Parental Guidance Suggested…
PG-13: Parents Strongly Cautioned. Some material may not be suited for children under age 13…”
Not sure whether this would be “PG” or “PG-13”. As far as I’m concerned, it could just be rated “HOT”.

Here’s a letter to the editor from today’s Kansas City Star newspaper:
Governor Mike Parson welcomes you to Missouri. The “Not-Me” State. The COVID capital of the U.S.
When you leave, take home a special gift to your family and friends, the delta variant virus. You will remember it for the rest of your life. Enjoy your visit!”
In Taney County, MO where we live, the COVID vaccination rate is just over thirty percent and the risk level is “SEVERE.” As a result, we’re locked down as tight as we were before the vaccines became available. We all have a bit of “cabin fever” but we’re proud of how well the kids have been dealing with it. We’ve been spending most afternoons out on the lake – boating, fishing, swimming and wake boarding. That’s a BIG help.
On rainy afternoons (we’ve had quite a few) Dub has been hanging out at Nathan and Diana’s -helping Diana with the babies. He says he’s gotten “real good at changing diapers.” Says the important thing to remember is to “keep their dinkies covered when you take the old diaper off ’cause cold air turns ’em into pee fountains.” I asked him if minds changing diapers and he said “Nah. It’s just pee and poop 🙂

Dude. It’s a Friday NQN flashback!

Not Quite Naked. And I have absolutely no idea why WordPress decided to delete pic #48 and replace it with a second copy of pic #2. I did the post…saw the fuck-up…deleted the post… took all the pics out of the media library… and did the post again. Same thing. Sorry. It’s just that sometimes WordPress can be a real stubborn bitch!

Under the bush?

Our excellent friend, “Roberto” commented earlier today, saying: “And we get to #28 — fucking perfect for me! Oh yeah, he’s my pick. And he even gave me an idea: how about guys showing just their pubes? Just like him and the boy at the top of the page… They can be freeballing, in underwear, speedos, whatever, but keeping us guessing what’s under their nice bushes…”
We absolutely loved the idea. So here are some hot boys… wanting you to guess what’s goin’ on under the bush. Thanks, Beto. You’re the best!!

So, yesterday morning, we got up and started getting ready to head to Springfield to pick up Dub… and David said, “I think we’ll take the dogs.”
I said, “We can’t leave ’em alone in the car, babe… it’ll be over a hundred degrees.” And he said, “We won’t leave them alone… but I think they need to go with us.” So, we headed out with the pups in the back seat and the AC on high.
We got to Springfield a little before noon… and met up with Angie and Dub at the Steak and Shake on Glenstone. We talked with Angie for quite a while, and after she left, we had burgers and fries and milkshakes in the car… and then, headed back home.
The dogs had barked like crazy when Dub first got in the car (they’re schnauzers.. and that’s what schnauzers do)… but after having a couple of french fries each.. they settled down and we were on our way. Dub and the dogs were asleep before we hit the Springfield city limits.
We got home about four. Dub was pretty much in constant motion, and the pups loved it.
At dinner time, David fixed hot dogs and asparagus on the grille and I tossed some OreIda french fries in the oven. Dub liked the hot dogs… and (surprisingly) went crazy over the asparagus. He said, “What’s this?” And I said, “asparagus,” and he said “aspergus”… and I said “No. It’s asparagus.” And he said “assergus” and I said,
“Dude, we need to get this right.
So, I thought about it and asked him “How many fingers are on your right hand?” He just looked puzzled. So I counted them for him. Four fingers and a thumb. We went one – two- three- four- thumb… over and over until he got it.
Then, I said, first finger is “ass.” He said “ass.” I said second finger is “par,” and he said “par” and I said “third finger is “a” and he said “a”… and I said fourth finger is “gus, and he said “gus.” So, we did that over and over for a quite a while and, finally, I asked, “What did we have for dinner?” And he said, “Hot dogs and asparagus.” I teared up.. A three year old saying a four syllable word that I taught him. We’ll keep saying it every day for a while so he’ll remember. Damn. I really am meant to be a teacher!