Dude. Check out these Asian bois!

Guys. This is interesting. According to ExactMetrics, UnrulyDude had all-time highs in “sessions” and “page views” last Thursday, April 16th. It’s encouraging that so many enjoy visiting the blog. David and I thank each of you for being part of UnrulyDude!

Hey, guys. It’s Ben. I want to tell you about something that happened last week. On Friday, I had a call from a guy who was my best bud in college. His name is “Chen” and he’s originally from Taiwan but currently lives in Australia. We were both education majors at Park College. Although he was a year ahead of me, we had several classes together and studied with each other a lot. We also hung out and played racquetball several times every week. We weren’t roommates but we did live in the same house just off campus. We were pretty much inseparable and a couple of guys in the house even accused us of being gay, even though absolutely nothing sexual ever happened between us.
Chen graduated and left Parkville and I hadn’t heard from him since – until last Friday. He said he found me through the Park alumni association who referred him to “Dr. C” who told him all about me, David and Dub, the Table Rock gang and our campus here at the lake. He thought it all sounded amazing.
Anyway, we talked for a long time and it was really good to hear from him. He teaches math in a secondary school in Australia and told me he has a boyfriend “Preston” who is also a teacher – and “is a bit more than a boyfriend.” They’re planning a trip to Missouri in July and I invited them to spend some time with us. I’m excited about seeing Chen again and meeting Preston. Chen is a beautiful person in every way. It’ll be great to see him again!

Dude. Check out these buck naked Asian bois!

And the “butt naked” saga continues… with a bunch of boned-up Asian boys – who do a good job of dispelling the myth about oriental guys having small dicks. There are some pretty boys here with some pretty cocks for you to enjoy!

Alex came up with a Christmas idea that has everyone excited. This year, each of us will decorate our own tree (there’ll be a total of 17 trees). We’ll each pick a theme and color combination – but we won’t tell anyone else what it is. Then, on Christmas morning after the grandparents get here, we’ll go to each of our houses to see everyones’ Christmas tree. The kids think it’s about the biggest thing ever… and, I admit, the parents are pretty excited too. I’m guessing it may become another of our Table Rock Christmas traditions 🙂