Dude. Check out these butt naked otters!

Our “butt naked” series continues with a look at a bunch of oh-so-yummy “otters.” Before putting the post together, we checked the Urban dictionary to make sure we were getting it right. It says: “Otter: A gay man who is very hairy all over his body, but is smaller in frame and weighs considerably less than a bear.” You guys who appreciate body hair should find a boy or two here who’ll “turn your crank.” 🙂

Silas called this morning with some very good news. He said Dante was in St. Louis for the weekend and yesterday evening he wanted to take Silas out for dinner at an Italian restaurant on “the hill.” Silas said he picked him up… but instead of heading to the hill, he drove to Genovese Jewelers. When they got there, Dante said “I thought we’d stop here to get some wedding bands.” Silas said “You planning on getting married?” and Dante said “I hope so. Will you marry me?” Silas said they’d talked about moving into the condo at the Lake together, but before last night they’d never talked about getting married. Anyway, Silas said “Yes” and they picked out a matched pair of platinum wedding bands before heading to the restaurant to celebrate. He texted us pics of them at the restaurant with some of the biggest smiles we’ve ever seen. He said they haven’t decided when they’re getting married but I’m guessing it’ll be before very long. I told David and Dub the good news as soon as I got off the phone. Dub said “They’ll need neckties and suspenders and bird seed and someone to take pictures. I can help ’em with that stuff.” I’m sure he can!

Buzzcuts and Otters and Bears, Oh, My!

Last Wednesday “Beto” commented, saying:
“David & Ben, as you’re welcoming suggestions with combined themes, what do you think of a post featuring 24 otters and 24 bears, all of them with buzzed hair? I have a feeling some mates will appreciate the idea… 😉”
We loved the idea… but the “buzzed hair” part proved to be a challenge. There are some HOT guys here – and we’ve done the best we can with the “buzzed hair” part. Thanks for a fun request, babe!

David, Dub and I watched the President’s “State of the Union” address Tuesday night. We just watched… and none of us said anything while he was speaking. When it was over, David asked Dub what he thought. Dub frowned, and said “He told a lot of lies.” I said “How do you know he was telling lies?” Dub said “I always know when someones lying. I can just tell.” David said, “Well, I guess maybe everyone might tell a lie sometime.” Dub said, “Nuh Uhh. My Dads don’t lie and neither does Pop-pops or Unca Keon or Travon. You always tell the truth, and so do I.” So I guess that settles it. It’s good to be rated high on “Dub’s truth-o-meter.” 🙂

It’s a Furry Flashback Friday!

After last weeks’ “Flashback Friday” post, our friend, “bw” commented, saying: “This is almost the otter post I long for=bunch of furry youngsters. Great post and great way to kick off the long weekend.” So, I thought, Hell… there are lots of furry boys in David’s old “Unrulyboi” folders… why not give “bw” what he wants. Here you go, babe… (hopefully) the bunch of otter youngsters you long for. Thanks for the comment!

I had a call this morning from our little ginger buddy, “Ricky.” He asked if he could come for a sleep-over tomorrow night. He said he was so “fuckin’ horny I’m about to jump out of my skin.” Said he’d been really busy with school… and it’s one of the busiest times of year at the nursery and he hasn’t had sex with “anything but my hand” since the last time he was at our place. I checked with David and Ricky will be here about seven tomorrow evening after work. He said he just wanted to get nekid and be our bitch. I’ll bet we can help the boy out!