Hooray. Horray. It’s the first of May. Outdoor fucking begins today!

The tradition endures.
Our first “Mayday” post on URD was on May 1, 2013. There were earlier ones, of course, but they were deleted by Blogger and various other blog hosts. Doesn’t matter. Let’s all get outdoors and fuck!

We got the boats out of storage and brought them “home” yesterday. It’s great seeing activity at the dock after all these dreary months. The kids all wanted to swim, but the lake water temp is only about 65 degrees right now and we thought it’d be better to wait awhile.
Spring in the Ozarks is glorious. Everything has turned green and there’s a fresh, crisp feel to it all. Happy Mayday guys… and God bless. xoxo David and Ben

…meanwhile… in the park…

I have wonderful memories of park cruising earlier in my life. Of course the best is meeting my future husband in a park. I swear, when we get this damned pandemic behind us, I’m gonna take Ben and find a park with some guys who wanta get off in the great out of doors 🙂

The “Dr. Oz” nightmare is over and we’re looking forward to Aaron Rogers and some fun on Jeopardy. We watched every episode with Dr. Oz because neither Ben nor I felt it was time to have a discussion about gay conversion therapy with Dub. We’re trying really hard to raise our son without subjecting him to our political views. He’s a bright little dude and we want him to make his own life decisions.
Interestingly, yesterday afternoon when Jeopardy ended, Dub said “I’m glad that was the last Jeopardy with that guy guest hosting. I didn’t like him much.”

Hooray. Horray. It’s the first of May. Outdoor fucking begins today!

Hey, guys. In the midst of this pandemic, we may not be able to watch outdoor baseball, or golf, or football (?)… but here’s an outdoor sport that isn’t limited these days. And… it’s THE BEST outdoor sport of all 🙂