Hooray. Horray. It’s the month of May. Outdoor blowjobs are now underway!

Here’s another of our favorite outdoor activities. Hooray for May!

We closed on the purchase of the the dental office/school building yesterday. “Hawks Nest LLC” is now a registered corporation and owns the building. Alex has completed the sketches and plans… and already bought most of the furnishings. He found a full set of gently used commercial kitchen equipment and has it in storage. He says the kitchen will be so awesome that Martha Stewart or Lidia Bastianich would love to cook there.
Chad, Silas and I will need about a week after this school term ends to get everything moved to the new building, so work on “Hawks nest” should begin around the first of June. We’re all really excited about having our own place for group parties and various get-togethers. We’ll keep you posted.

Hooray. Horray. It’s the first of May. Outdoor fucking begins today!

As “Bill S” and “Jingle” have recently commented, it’s Mayday and time for our traditional Mayday post. This is our 10th annual Mayday outdoor fucking post and it’ll be 80 degrees here in the Ozarks this afternoon – so what could be better than some neckid outdoor fucking? Special thanks to “Kent” for sending a whole bunch of pics – some of which we’ve used in this post. Happy Mayday guys!

We got the boats out of storage Friday afternoon and took the kids and dogs for a long ride out on the lake. It was 85 degrees with full sunshine and we had a great time. Even Daisy, the newest k-9 member of our group thought it was great fun (after she got her “sea legs” and figured out she wasn’t in imminent danger of being swept overboard). We’re anxious for the Lake water temp to warm up a bit more so we can be “in the lake” instead of just “on the lake”!

Dude. Ain’t nothin’ better than boys in ball caps!

We’re feeling we owe a big debt of gratitude to Matt Amodio for his superb Jeopardy play the past week that ALMOST made up for the abysmal performance of guest host LeVar Burton. Frankly, we think Burton would be better suited for selling time shares or making loans at Speedy Cash. Despite some negative reviews of his “boring performance,” Dub, Ben and I are in awe of Matt’s breadth of knowledge. GO MATT! (GO AWAY, LEVAR)!
We’ll be having a big group dinner over at Ty and Damien’s tonight. Among other foods, we’ll have tamales (wrapped in corn husks from Dub and Jim’s garden)… corn grilled in husks… and cantaloupe and watermelon – from Dub and Jim’s garden. This year is their best garden ever and Dub and Jim are really proud of it. With good reason!