A little gift for our buddy “Jingle”

Hey, guys. It’s Rick again. Yesterday, we did a post of “Aussie blokes” – with one of the pics being a dude who goes by the name of “Scott Campbell” (pic #26 in the post). Our buddy “Jingle” commented, saying:
“But it’s beautiful crazy hot #26 that I wanna talk about!!… I well remember another amazing image we’ve seen of him!!… He’s standing on one leg, on the edge of the pool, slipping out of his Speedo!! Anyone else remember that?!?!”
We totally agree with “Jingle” about this dude, so I thought a “mini set” of his pics would be good. In this post, pics #01 through #09 are from Bentley Race and are dated 12 December 2013 (I’m pretty sure pic #09 is the one Jingle was thinking of). The next six pics (#10 through #015) are from Pantheon Productions’ Hotoldermale.com. The next five (#16 through #20) are from RedHotLatinos.com. The final pic (#21) is from teachtwinks.com and I’m including it because of Scott’s beautiful, hairy chest and AMAZING eyes.
We wish we could do a “mini post” of every dude in the posts we do 🙂