this ain’t porn…it’s just a little peek at the “goods”…

Wow. Travon’s adoption is final and Cookie (aka “Dog”) is settled in her new home – so the boys are gonna celebrate with a party weekend at the Lake. David and I will be taking Dub and Travon to Springfield on Friday (…shhh. we’re ditching school) where they’ll spend the weekend with the grandparents and Coco. Izzie will be spending the weekend with her grands over at the condo,,, and Austin is staying at Erik’s. The amount of planning required to free everyone up for some “lake time” is amazing but we’re looking forward to Table Rock and blowing off some steam (among other things).
David is going to do the “treasure trails” post requested by “bw” and “Denny” tomorrow – and we’ll be back late Sunday afternoon. We’re super excited about a chance to spend (what we think is a well-deserved) “adults only” weekend at our little lake hide-away!

Dude. How’d you like some hairy little peeks?

Here’s a comment we received from our buddy, Denny:
“To carry Anthony’s request a bit further, could you do a post of hairy guys with chest hair showing up from their unbuttoned polo shirt, open-neck sport shirt or wife beater? Or cock hair peeking out from their tighty whities or speedos? Or hairy legs showing below their walking shorts? (You could just take pics of Ben for that one!! hee-haw.)”
Well, babe. These ain’t Ben – but a lot of ’em sure look like him. Hope you enjoy these hairy little peeks. And, thanks for the suggestion. Our best posts ALWAYS come from requests like yours!

Whops! Dick slips!!

Back on April 27th, our buddy “Jingle” commented, saying:
“p.s. #45 got me thinking… Could we have a “Dick Slips” post?? It’s been a while…”
So, we started collecting pics – and it’s taken a while. This is actually our third “dick slips” or “peek” post – all of which have been requested by “Jingle.” Guess there’s just something about a dude’s dick stickin’ out (or almost) that turns our buddy’s crank. Does it for us, too… babe!