Dude. It’s a matter of perspective!

BEN: “With the start of the school year just around the corner, I’ve been talking with “Dr. C” and our school’s board of directors about Covid in general – and the Delta variant in particular. We’ve decided school for kids under 12 will be “virtual” until vaccines become available. We’ll have regular, full time in-class learning for students 12 and over who provide proof of full vaccination. We’ve had some strong reactions including threats of lawsuits and other nonsense. Our attorneys have confirmed that “As a private institution, our school isn’t subject to any restrictions in terms of violations of the rights of students.” In other words, we can set requirements for our students and if they refuse to comply we can refuse to admit them. We only know of four students who won’t be attending because of our vaccination requirements (measles, mumps, rubella, HPV, meningitis, influenza and covid-19) – and our “waiting list” remains at well over 200 students. This is one time when living in our little “lake bubble” is a big advantage. Chad, Janette, Patricia and I will forge ahead and make absolutely sure our kids get a great education. We have a “waiting list” of kids who want to attend school here at our “Table Rock campus,” and plan to start limited admissions sometime after the Covid vaccines become available for kids under 12. I swear, it seems like I can’t even remember what “pre-pandemic” life was like 🙂 ”
DAVID: “On a totally unrelated subject, we had said earlier we’d be taking a “Jeopardy break” until there was a new season and permanent host. Of course, we record every Jeopardy show and couldn’t resist checking in to see what was going on. And… with the emergence of Josh Saak and Matt Amondio… and guest hosts like Sanjay Gupta and Robin Roberts, we haven’t missed any episodes. Guess “hard-core” Jeopardy fans just can’t stay away!”