Happy birthday, dear Jingle… happy birthday to you!

Here’s the deal. No blog – gay or straight – ever had a better friend than our buddy “Jingle.”
Babe, your comments constantly amaze us. We think we’ve looked carefully at every pic before we post ’em… and then you surprise us by finding a wedding ring – or tattoo -or piercing – or bedspread – or piece of furniture we hadn’t noticed, and we have a whole new appreciation of the photo. You’re a genuine original and we love you. Here’s to a wonderful birthday and an amazing year ahead filled with love, good health and every happiness. xoxo David, Ben and the “gang.” 🙂

“Spoiling” our bud?

This morning, our buddy “Jingle” commented about one of the dudes pictured in yesterday’s “boy-bones!” post, saying:
“OK friends, bear with me here, but #33 is one of those images that sets my mind reeling!! The juxtaposition of the intensely hot and hunky (married) naked dude against the elegant and luxurious background!! His beautiful cock and amazing well-defined scrotal raphe!! His gumdrop nipples!! (May I suggest more scrotal piercings and/or getting his left nipple pierced?!?! 🙂 ) The “Swagger Stick” reminds me of the one my late Mother carried in her later years!! (I still have it, carefully perseved by the Front Door, like Tiny Tim’s crutch!! 🙂 ) And one last detail, if you look closely in the lower right-hand corner of the frame, you’ll see the photographer’s reflection caught in the pier mirror!! WHEW!!! YOWZA!!!!”
Honestly, when we ran across this pic, we had much the same reaction. So… here’s a little information about this guy. His name is Daniel Marvin. He’s Argentinian and was born on 11-14-1978. His gay porn career ran from 2007 through 2013. He was in a “relationship” with Pedro Andreas (pic #10 here) for a time and they MAY (?) have been married… but are no longer together. This set of pics is from “UK Naked Men” and we’ve run across other pics done by “Men at Play” and “Raging Stallion”.
I guess this makes us sound like “bw” (a good thing, indeed!) but we thought it was interesting stuff (and the pics are HOT) 🙂

…and a splendid party is was!

We had an e-mail from our buddy “Jingle” saying:
“How about a post of dudes comparing their dicks to other things?!?! Ya know; beer bottles, remote controls, Pringles cans.. Might be fun, huh?!?!”
This is similar to a request we had from “Beto” back in April, 2016, and you can see that post by clicking on “MEASURE” under TAGS on the right side of the page.
With all of our spare time of late being devoted to birthday stuff, we haven’t been able to respond to Jingle’s request, so we thought maybe a bunch of “pierced dicks” might keep him occupied. Hope these work for you, babe… until things get back to “normal” around here 🙂

Oh, my goodness. where to start? We knew we’d be having a CROWD for the big Dub and David birthday party, so we invited everyone to an open house “from 3 p.m. till whenever.” David made up 30 balls of dough in advance so everyone could make their own pizza.
Rick called ahead to let us know he, Keon, Cal and Alex would be arriving early with a gift for Dub. They brought him a “potting bench,” a 3-tier grow-light rack, planting trays, clay pots, peat pots, potting soil and garden seeds. They set it all up in the unfinished part of the basement and now he has everything he could possibly need to get an early start on his garden. Dub was grinning from ear-to-ear.
Denise, Scott, Bella and Kylie also arrived early and brought decorations for pretty much every square inch of the house. There were balloons, streamers and banners everywhere. The four grandparents, Jim and Carole, Pam, Mark and the kids, Ty, Damien and Austin and Mr. Martinez were all here by three o’clock. Of course, Dub (and Buzz) took everyone down to the basement to see his new “grow room.” When they came back upstairs Jim was laughing and whispered to me “I could give Dub some seeds and we could make a regular little entrepreneur out of him.”
We all had drinks and had just started making pizzas and salads when Chad and Raef arrived. We were surprised (but very happy) that they came together!
I could go on and on, but let’s just say it was a wonderful party (a “ripper” as Callum says). We finally sang “Happy Birthday” and had dessert (cup cakes and “crank ice cream” compliments of Jim and Carol). The festivities continued well into the evening.
And one last thing. Before they left, our guests (led by Denise) insisted on cleaning up the house for us. By the time they were done, the kitchen was spotless and the floors were all vacuumed and swiffer-mopped. I swear, it was cleaner than before they got here. Ty and Damien had invited all the kids to their house for an overnight with a movie and popcorn… so David and I, Rick, Keon, Cal, Alex, Chad and Raef ended up in the hot tub – relaxing with margaritas and smoke. It was indeed a SPLENDID PARTY!