Obviously, some real men do wear pink!

The 9th in our “colors” series brings us a bunch of dudes who apparently feel their masculinity isn’t jeopardized by putting on (or taking off) pink clothing items. At this point, we don’t know whether we’re nearing the end of our “colors” series – or just getting started 🙂

Dub, Tra and Austin have been wanting to go fishing ever since we’ve been at Table Rock. We didn’t do it last week because we didn’t feel comfortable out on the lake with the 3 adults to 6 kids ratio. But since Keon and Rick are here now, we decided to go out in search of crappie yesterday afternoon. We took the pontoon boat and, of course, Chad knew exactly where to go. It was great fun and we caught 17 fish – which made 34 nice filets – some of which we had for dinner tonight. It was Chance and Matty’s first time to try fishing and they did pretty well… despite spending a lot of time being “hung up” in the underwater brush piles. Bella was a real trooper – and is kind of…sort of getting over her aversion to “cutting off the poor fishes heads.”
This “social distancing” thing ain’t all bad… not when you’re spending the time hanging out at the lake with your best friends and six amazing little people!

Dude. It’s a Friends Friday “Pretty-in-pink pageant”

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. You know… Ben loves red… David blue… and Dub green. But for me, it’s all about PINK! It’s my absolute favorite color, and – sometimes – I can even get Keon to wear something pink… before he slips me something pink. YUM!