Dude. I gotta piss!

Last Friday, “bw” commented, saying: “I don’t know if this qualifies as a fetish or something, but I like pictures of guys peeing – not on each other and for sure not drinking piss, but just a dude (or dudes) letting it go. No matter who you are, when you have your dick out pissing you are a bit vulnerable, and there are 4 or 5 nice ones in this post.”
Ben and I love the suggestion… and honestly have enough “dudes pissing” pics to do at least a dozen more posts. We’ve tried to include a variety here. Hope you like ’em!

We’re back from a wonderful weekend at the Lake where “a good time was had by all” (as they say). The whole gang was there – except for Chad and Raef who were both working the weekend so they’ll have the Labor Day holiday off.
This was Chance’s first time at Table Rock and he had a blast. I swear, he didn’t quit smiling all weekend. Bella was a hoot. She refers to Chance as “my little brother” even though he’s a head taller than her. Dub, Tra and Austin couldn’t wait to get Chance on a wakeboard and he eventually did it even though boats and the lake are a whole new experience for him. Dub and Tra made sure he wore his shades – and kept him slathered down with sunblock.
They broke ground on Ty, Damien and Austin’s new cabin a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately (or possibly, fortunately) when they were digging out the bank so they could prep for the foundation, they ran into an underground spring. Ty and Damien were upset about it, but Alex (who they’ve hired to oversee the project) is absolutely delighted. He says they can incorporate it into their design – and he’s working with the architects on it. We’re betting the “cabin” will be spectacular.
Scott and Denise surprised everyone with “housewarming” gifts for Rick and Keon, Cal and Alex and even Ben and me. Bet you can’t guess what the gifts were? Ummm. yup. “White Mountain” crank ice cream makers. The kids were absolutely ecstatic about them. There’ll for sure be no shortage of ice cream at the Lake from now on!
The plans are all made for a big Labor Day celebration at Table Rock. Everyone will be there – including the grandparents. It’ll be wonderful having a long holdiday weekend with family and friends!

Dude. I gotta piss!

Our buddy “Jingle” commented on Sunday’s “You’re crackin’ me up” post, saying: “I have a great frontal pic of hot and handsome 42!! I’ll email it to Buff.”
He e-mailed it to us and it’s an awesome pic (#01 in this post). Since the dude is taking a leak in this photo, it got us thinking about doing a “Piss call” post.
And… that got us thinking that back on February 12, 2014, we did a “Piss call” post that had been requested by “bw.” Here’s the comment he made back then (in part):
“No. 22 inspired me to suggest a post: guys pissing – I don’t mean drinking piss or peeing their pants, but guys taking a leak – on the street, in the woods, at the trough, etc.”
We loved b.w.’s idea then – and still do. So here we go with our first “Piss call” post since February 2014. It’s been too long!

On Monday, “Denny” commented: “I feel kinda nosy here, but also concerned, about the *unattached* member of the Northland Gang. How is Chad doing these days? And his “friend not boyfriend” Raef, who had a lotta tongue shoved down his throat (;-) ) – are they doing OK?”
We haven’t mentioned Chad (and/or Raef) for a while because we don’t know much about what’s happening with them. Chad was with the gang when we went out to dinner (and saw the awesome hairy butt crack)… but Raef wasn’t. After dinner, we asked Chad if he’d like to come by the house for a beer and a smoke and a dip in the hot tub. He did. After we’d relaxed in the tub for a while, I casually mentioned that we’d hoped maybe Raef would have joined us for dinner.
He just sat there drinking his beer for a few minutes and then said “I haven’t seen him for a while. The last time we were together, we got a little drunk and he said he thought our friendship changed the night I kissed him. I told him I’d been a little “buzzed” and I was sorry I’d done that. He said, ‘No reason to be sorry. The thing is, I liked it. Maybe I liked it more than I wanted to.’ Anyway, I haven’t heard from him since.” Ben asked if he’d tried calling him. Chad said, “No. I wouldn’t do that. If he wants to talk, he’ll call me, or stop by the house. I just hope I haven’t fucked up our friendship.”
Chad was trying his best to be causal about it, but he wasn’t his usual self. Ben and I are concerned about him. We’ll keep you posted.

Piss on it!

We received an e-mail from our new friend “Devin” yesterday thanking us again for a great weekend in K.C. and inviting us to come to visit him and “Rob” one weekend soon. He said they’ve been looking at the blog and “having a ball going through the pics.” He also said he and Rob really like piss play but didn’t mention it to us because they didn’t want to “weird us out.” He said that after looking through part of UnrulyDude, they laughed and said they doubted if we’d be “weirded out” about almost anything gay and sexual. He included these 48 pics for us to post. We’ve posted some of them before, but the guys did such a wonderful job of putting the post together – we’re posting it exactly as they sent it. You can bet we’ll be making a trip to see them in the near future!