Dude. Check out this butt naked pit party!

Today was Dub’s 10th birthday. David, Dub and I had talked and decided on a small party with just the kids. Seemed like a good idea… until Carol called and said she was making cupcakes and wanted to know how many. She said Jim was planning on making hand crank ice cream. Then, the grands called to say they were coming… and Keon wanted to know what he and Rick should bring. So… as you might have guessed, Dub’s little party with just the kids turned into a big get-together with the entire Table rock gang. Our house isn’t big enough to fit everyone in… but Ty and Damien insisted everyone come to their place. We had fish tacos, cupcakes and hand cranked ice cream. Everyone had a grand time and Dub is 10 – going on 20 🙂

Check it out, dude. “Pit selfies”!

Our last (and only) “Pit selfies” post was on Feb 12, 2018. It was a topic suggested by our buddy “Beto” and, interestingly, he didn’t comment on it until last week (June 17, 2020). Anyway, it’s been a while and we think it’s time for some more dudes who like showing us their pits while they take their own pics to save for posterity 🙂

Guys, we won’t be posting for the next few days because Wed, Thur and Friday of this week are “moving days.” We’ll give you all the details on Saturday (or Sunday). Be safe and well. We love you. David and Ben

Check it out, dude. Pit Selfies!

Yesterday, commenting on our recent “caps” post, Beto said (in part):
“Have you noticed that many guys do like #29, i.e., show off their pits while taking a selfie? I think I’ll call it ‘pit selfie’ — and obviously I love it!”
When we read that, David and I said, “Damn. How have we missed that?”
I mean, in the past, we’ve done “selfies”, “average-joe selfies”, “belly-flop selfies”, “black selfies”, “bottom shelf selfies”, “butt selfies”, “fcco selfies”, “furry selfies”, “hairy-junk selfies”, “mirror-frame selfies”, “muddog selfies” and “undies selfies” – but no “Pit Selfies.”
Leave it to Beto to show us the error of our ways and introduce yet one more wonderful post topic. THANK YOU, Beto. Hope you like these dudes. We’re betting you will 🙂