Dude. Check out this butt naked pit party!

Today was Dub’s 10th birthday. David, Dub and I had talked and decided on a small party with just the kids. Seemed like a good idea… until Carol called and said she was making cupcakes and wanted to know how many. She said Jim was planning on making hand crank ice cream. Then, the grands called to say they were coming… and Keon wanted to know what he and Rick should bring. So… as you might have guessed, Dub’s little party with just the kids turned into a big get-together with the entire Table rock gang. Our house isn’t big enough to fit everyone in… but Ty and Damien insisted everyone come to their place. We had fish tacos, cupcakes and hand cranked ice cream. Everyone had a grand time and Dub is 10 – going on 20 🙂

Dude. Check out these butt naked flexing bois!

On December 16th, Beto commented: “Wow, I hadn’t noticed there are already 10 posts in this series – and I should mention the first five are not filed under the butt naked tag. After Kent’s wish is fulfilled, there may come ‘buck-naked college boys flexing for Bill S’. 😀 Hugs. Beto”
We loved the idea – and are hoping Bill S will love the pics. The buck/butt naked series just keeps going and going 🙂

We received a package via private courier today, marked “time sensitive – open immediately.” Miss Evelyn was shown as “sender” on the label so we opened it right away. What we found was 100 “Abbott BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Self-Test At Home Kits”. There was a note in the package that said “David and Ben. I believe these are among the most accurate Covid19 home test kits available. Please use them for your guests at your Holiday gatherings to ensure everyone is safe. You can use the extra ones when school resumes. Merry Christmas. Evelyn”
We’re genuinely touched by Evelyn’s thoughtfulness in sending us these test kits. We don’t know where/how she got them, but if you have enough money, guess anything is possible. We’ll do tests and check temperatures for everyone on Christmas day – and look forward to a wonderful time together.

Feliz cinco de mayo!

Hey, guys. Happy fifth of May! It’s a big day for us here at the lake and we hope it is for you as well. We have lots of plans for the celebration.
Chad and I will dismiss school at noon so everyone can get ready for the celebration. The kids are in charge of decorating our homes – but I’m sure we dads will pitch in. We’ll have lots of balloons, crepe paper streamers, colorful paper table cloths and napkins and more surprises (we can hardly wait to see what Alex, Cal, Bella and Chance do to turn their home into the “Mexican cantina” they’ve promised).
The weather people say it’s going to be a beautiful, sunny Spring day so we’re doing a moving dinner. We’ll start at Chad and Raef’s place for chips, salsa and margaritas (virgin margaritas for the kids). Then, we’ll all walk over to Alex and Cals’ for tamales… then Keon and Ricks’ for enchiladas… then Ty and Damiens’ for quesadillas… then our house for fish tacos (the kids favorite). After all that food, we’ll head over to Jim and Carols’ for fried ice cream.
Alex has a big boom box that he’ll carry with us from cabin to cabin playing mariachi music and we’ll all carry our margaritas (and virgin margaritas) with us as we go.
Even though Alex and Matty are the only actual Latinos in our group, we all speak Spanish (in varying competencies) and after a margarita or two, we’re about as Latin as can be 🙂
Mucho cariño a todos y feliz cinco de mayo!