It’s a plaid world, after all. It’s a plaid world after all. It’s a plaid world after all. It’s a plaid, plaid, world!

Thinking about you tonight, babe!

Plaids ‘n Dads!

We had a comment yesterday by “Jim from Austin,” saying (in part):”How about a “dad bod” post of hot dads/granddads, guys?”
“Jingle” said he liked the idea… so we started thinking about it. We had been working on a “plaid” post with “Jingle” in mind, and when we looked at the pics in the folder, we thought most of them would fit Jim’s request. So, here’s a first. “Plaids ‘n Dads.” We’re pretty sure these will do it for “Jingle”… and we hope they work for you too, Jim!

A belated “Happy Birthday” to our dear friend, “Jingle.”

Jingle’s birthday was July 6th and we missed it. That’s because his birth date was written on a scrap of paper in David’s desk drawer (along with FlipFlopsBoy’s – which is April 12th) and we didn’t have a system. Now, I’ve set up a calendar so we won’t miss their birthdays in the future… and I told David we should ask all you guys for your birth dates so we could mention them and do a birthday post for you. So, please give us your birth dates (just the month and day) by commenting on this post, and I’ll add them to the calendar.
Now to Jingle… we’re so sorry we missed your special day, babe… and promise it won’t happen again – because it’s on the calendar now – and because we love you!