“You have the right to remain silent”

Yes, Officer!

This is the first “police” post I’ve ever done… because I think most of the pics are staged… as opposed to being “real” dudes. Still, there are some hot guys here and it gives me a chance to tell you a story. One night, a couple years ago, I was getting blown by a dude by a picnic table in a really “cruisy” park late one night – when a police car pulled into the parking area and shone his spotlight on us. I just about shit – and started pulling my pants up. The guy blowing me said, “Don’t sweat it. It’s just “Jerry” wantin’ to get his ass fucked. So the policeman (hot guy, probably late 20’s or early 30’s) walked over to the picnic table and said, “Which of you boys wants to fuck my ass?” I was still really nervous and shaking a little… but the other guy said, “Hell, Jerry, I guess both of us would probably like some of that.” The officer calmly took off his uniform pants and boxers, folded them neatly on the picnic table and bent over. The other dude fucked him until he blew his load in his ass… then I did the same. “Jerry” then put his pants on and said, “you boys be careful, now,” walked back to his squad car and left. The other guy told me “Jerry” was married and had a kid… but just liked gettin’ fucked. Said he’d done it “several times”. I found the whole thing pretty un-nerving and haven’t gone back to that park. Still… I guess it was kind of hot. And this story (unlike most of these pics) is real.