Time for some dude potpourri!

Isaiah came over to our house today to “hang with Dub, Chance and Travon.” They played video games and played outside with the dogs… and then Ben and I made lunch for them. During lunch, Isaiah said “last night, Taylor and Angus came over to our house and we had left-over turkey sandwiches and stuff and Dad and Taylor drank a bunch of booze. Then, Taylor said he was too tipsy to drive home and wanted to know if he and Angus could crash on our couch. And that didn’t happen because dad insisted Taylor sleep in his bedroom with him.” Isaiah just grinned and said “You know, I was the big winner because Angus slept in my bed with me and sometimes he’d snuggle up against my leg and it was really cool to have a ‘bed buddy.’
I rather doubt if Caleb and Taylor think Isaiah was the “big winner”, but we’ll just have to see how that goes 🙂


Dude. WHOA!

Our last “WHOA” post was on March 19th, so we’re thinking it’s time for another. Every one of these pics makes us go “WHOA” and we hope you guys will have similar reactions.

Our school Thanksgiving break started Friday so we’re having a full week off. Plenty of time to get everything ready over at Hawks Nest for the celebration. Everyone will be here including the grandparents. It will be our first big holiday celebration with Caleb and Isaiah and we’re looking forward to having them meet the extended families. Alex has invited his friend “Taylor” to join us – thinking, I’m sure – he and Caleb might enjoy spending some time together. We’ll see how that goes.
We hope all of you have Thanksgiving plans that include good health, family, friends and lots of good food. Love ‘ya. Ben

Dude. I say “The darker, the better”!

Hey, guys. It’s Silas. First, I want to thank you for your kind comments on my first URD post. Apparently you share my love of buzz cuts 🙂 I guess Dante’s Sicilian heritage is responsible for his dark features – including very black hair – and I think it’s totally HOT. So, today I’m featuring dudes with black or very dark hair. There’s a variety here so I hope maybe there’s something for everyone.

We can hardly believe it, but with a lot of help from our friends, we’re moved into our new “rainbow aerie” home. Denny and Bill S asked for details, so I’ll give you a quick rundown. Alex and our architect designed the house after extensive talks with Dante and me, and I have to say the finished product is pure “Alex and Nathan”.
-We’ve already told you about the deck and hot tub which are off the lower level that’s built partially back into the cliff. The lower level has a big shower room – a “safe room” in case of a severe storm or tornado – a storage area and a mechanical room. It houses the mechanical systems and a cluster of batteries to store electrical power gathered from the solar array on the roof. The electrical engineers tell us that our battery backup is capable of providing power for the house for up to five days with no sunshine. The heating and cooling system is a ground-source heat pump which is highly efficient.
-The first floor is a complete living area with kitchen, dining area, great room, two bedrooms, two baths and a utility room. There’s a large deck off the great room that overlooks the hills and lake.
-The second floor is designed for the two kids we’re hoping to adopt and has two bedrooms, two baths and a small study.
-Nathan and his crews custom-made all the millwork, doors and cabinets for the entire house. They’re amazing craftsmen! It’s all finished in a low-sheen “whisper grey” color. We used vinyl-ceramic plank flooring throughout for easy maintenance and tough wear. The wall colors are all soft, muted shades – and Alex and Bella selected bright blue, turquoise and green accent color splashes.
-The kitchen is absolutely beautiful. The countertops are quartzite in a shade slightly darker than the “whisper grey” cabinets. There’s a bright, colorful breakfast nook with seating for six.
Anyway, thanks to Alex, Nathan and our friends, our “rainbow aerie” is more wonderful than we could possibly have imagined. Daisy obviously thinks we built the place just for her – and since it was her home first, I guess we kind of did. She loves running up and down the stairs chasing and fetching her “squeaky ball.” We plan to start looking into the possibility of fostering/adopting next month. There’s no doubt that kids are what’s needed to make the house a home.
I hope I haven’t bored you with more details than you want – but you did ask 🙂
Much love, Silas and Dante (and Daisy)