Dude potpourri – and an update on Dub.

From David: This is the first actual “potpourri” post we’ve done in a very long time. I used to do them frequently on various iterations of UnrulyDude and they were always a favorite because of the variety they presented. I hope you guys enjoy this bit of “dude potpourri” as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

Hey. Ben here. It’s time to wrap up our “gay porn and kids” posts with an update on Dub. As you probably know, he’s 9 1/2 years old now – and the joy of our lives. He was four when we finalized his adoption, so we’ve had a wonderful (almost) six years together. These days, he’s busy “being Dub.” The garden is finished for the year and he and Jim have plowed and disked it so it’ll be ready next Spring. We’ve had lettuce, radishes, onions, asparagus, cauliflower, potatoes, cucumbers, corn, tomatoes and more – and that pretty much describes Dub’s summer food choices. He texts both Nathan and Diana every day and goes over to see the boys at least once a week. He thinks they’re his brothers… and I guess in a way they are.
He loves school and wants to learn about everything – all at once. He’s a big help in the classroom because he sort of intuitively knows when the other kids are struggling with something… and how to help them. Chad laughs and says he has “the wisdom of a magus and the enthusiasm of a child.”
He’s been following the news about the availability of Pfizer’s Covid vaccine for
5 to 11 year olds and wants to get his first shot the minute they’re available. We’re still hoping for a big, mask-free Thanksgiving – or at least Christmas. Jim, Carol and the grandparents have all now had their “covid booster shots.
We continue to watch Jeopardy every day and are enjoying both Matt Amodio’s amazing run of wins and Mayim Bialik’s excellent hosting. Dub is confident Mayim will be the Jeopards “forever host.” We’ll see.
He and Buzz still pile in bed with David and me every night at bedtime for family talk and reading. We’ve progressed from Dr. Seuss to our current title “The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell”. We all enjoy the journey.
So that’s whats going on with Dub. He’s a great kid that we’re honored to be spending our lives with. But, of course we’re not exactly objective 🙂

Dude. It’s time for a Friends Friday peek into Rick’s “Sex stuff” folder!

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. This is kind of a strange collection of pics. Just a bunch of fun and/or interesting stuff I’ve put in a “Sex stuff” folder over time. It’s for sure something different and I hope you enjoy it. (BTW, can someone please tell us what the tattoo on dude #07 says?)

We had a little birthday party for Bella Saturday evening and I’ll let Cal or Alex tell you about it. While we were together we were talking and Ben said he thought it’d be cool if everyone would do a post to update you on what’s happening with our kids. Chad said “Sure. What’s a porn blog without stories about children?” We all laughed – but agreed we’d do it. So here’s a bit about what’s going on with Travon. He’s eight years old now – and the joy of our lives. “Max” is with him constantly except when he’s in school. He loves spending time with the other kids fishing, boating, swimming, playing horseshoes, and exploring our area of the Lake. Jim and Scott had railroad ties and a bunch of loads of sand brought in and built a regulation 60′ x30′ “beach volleyball” court that’s been a huge hit with the whole gang. We’ve played 2 against 2, 3 against 3, 4 against 4 and 5 against 5… with a mix of kids and us older guys. We’re slowly getting better and having lots of fun (and great exercise).
Tra spent hours and hours this past Spring and early Summer doing a series of photos he titled “Rock Garden friends.” It has beautiful color photos of butterflies, hummingbirds, other birds, turtles, rabbits, squirrels and, of course his favorite black snake (all taken in our rock garden). Pop-pops picked 24 of them… got them enlarged, printed and mounted and entered them in an amateur photographers contest in Dallas. Yup. It took first place and now Tra has a blue ribbon on the wall of his room. Pop-pops says he’s a very talented young man with a big future if his interest in photography continues.
Tra is quieter than the other kids because he’s interested in and busy analyzing everything around him. He’s growing “like a weed” and is one of the most genuinely happy people we’ve ever known.
So that’s our contribution to the “gay porn and kids” theme Ben suggested. Hope you enjoy it – and don’t think it’s too strange 🙂

Dude. It’s a matter of perspective!

BEN: “With the start of the school year just around the corner, I’ve been talking with “Dr. C” and our school’s board of directors about Covid in general – and the Delta variant in particular. We’ve decided school for kids under 12 will be “virtual” until vaccines become available. We’ll have regular, full time in-class learning for students 12 and over who provide proof of full vaccination. We’ve had some strong reactions including threats of lawsuits and other nonsense. Our attorneys have confirmed that “As a private institution, our school isn’t subject to any restrictions in terms of violations of the rights of students.” In other words, we can set requirements for our students and if they refuse to comply we can refuse to admit them. We only know of four students who won’t be attending because of our vaccination requirements (measles, mumps, rubella, HPV, meningitis, influenza and covid-19) – and our “waiting list” remains at well over 200 students. This is one time when living in our little “lake bubble” is a big advantage. Chad, Janette, Patricia and I will forge ahead and make absolutely sure our kids get a great education. We have a “waiting list” of kids who want to attend school here at our “Table Rock campus,” and plan to start limited admissions sometime after the Covid vaccines become available for kids under 12. I swear, it seems like I can’t even remember what “pre-pandemic” life was like 🙂 ”
DAVID: “On a totally unrelated subject, we had said earlier we’d be taking a “Jeopardy break” until there was a new season and permanent host. Of course, we record every Jeopardy show and couldn’t resist checking in to see what was going on. And… with the emergence of Josh Saak and Matt Amondio… and guest hosts like Sanjay Gupta and Robin Roberts, we haven’t missed any episodes. Guess “hard-core” Jeopardy fans just can’t stay away!”