Beautiful Things !

It’s Thursday afternoon and I’m pre-posting this for tomorrow. I’m sure no one will be surprised to hear we’re headed to the lake tomorrow morning for the Labor Day holiday. David is driving this time and we’ll be taking Dub, Travon and Austin with us. Rick and Keon will follow us and are bringing the pups with them. Cal and Alex went down yesterday to finish the moving process and to hang window blinds, etc. We’re all excited to see their “new” cabin. Scott and Denise will bring Izzie and Kylie – and a big birthday party is planned for Saturday afternoon. Cal and Alex had planned on doing Izzie’s party on her birthday, but she said she wanted “crank ice cream and strawberry cake” so, of course Jim and Carol are taking care of that. We’re hoping for good weather but they’re saying “a chance for thunderstorms” on Sunday and Monday. At least we’ve got the storm caves in case it should get nasty.
Rick said he was doing a pre-post for Sunday and we’ll be home and posting again on Tuesday. Hope you guys have a safe, healthy, happy Holiday weekend. xoxo Ben and David

“Wonderboy”s Wondrous Wonder

Well… we were all beggin’ for it… and here it is. Wonderboy’s wondrous wonder… in all it’s wonderful glory. One of the prettiest dicks I’ve ever seen… hangin’ on as cute a dude as you’ll ever find.
Thanks Wonderboy… and if/when I’m in your area, I’ll take you up on that offer to “buy me a drink.” I think we both know what “tap” I’d like to drink it out of!