Happy birthday, Phil!

We wanted this post to be special because our friend Phil is a very special guy. He’s one of the medical professionals who keep us healthy – and take care of us when we’re not. Members of the medical profession (like teachers) typically aren’t paid as much as they should be… but they don’t do it for the money. They do it because they’re fundamentally good people who care about their fellow humans. They do it because they’re dedicated and value the right things in life. Thank you, Phil for all you do – including being a part of our URD family. We love you and wish you good health, love and every happiness on your birthday for for many years to come. xoxo David and Ben

URD access probs?

Yesterday, Denny commented, saying:
“Has anyone else been blocked from URD on their cell phone? I thought it was just my phone, but my husband can’t get thru either on his cell.
It goes to “403 Forbidden” Then is says “Wordfence Securing your WordPress website”
I checked out “Wordfence” – it is a free plug in (-what?) you can use in your WordPress site to scan for hacked files and to monitor the access of visitors to your site.
To fix it, one needs access to the hosting control panel, which leaves me out.
I can still get URD on my Kindle Fire HD tablet and my desktop pc, but I can’t carry those around in my pocket. lol
I did discover I can go to Flipflop’s site, click on “Web version”, then click on his UnrulyDude link, but I don’t want to have to do THAT forever.
I do a virus scan daily on my phone, so it’s nothing there. Any ideas, Guys?”

So, I immediately checked with
None of them were having problems. Of course, we all have I-phones and are all on Verizon, so that would probably explain it.
So I e-mailed our blog host, Lee Keels, and here’s his reply:
“Hey David!
Great to hear from you! Yeah, Facebook is nothing but a cesspool. If I didn’t have a business page there, I’d be gone.
Wordfence is something I’ve used on all the websites I host for years, because they are literally attacked by hackers multiple times per day….pretty much all websites are. That being said, I’ve tested from several mobile devices and they all work fine on your site (and others). It sounds like his and his husbands phones might be using a different connection than the Kindle and the computer (mobile carrier as opposed to WiFi), and possibly one of them has been blacklisted for “bad activity” unrelated to him personally. If he can go to “whatismyip.com” on a device that doesn’t work, and one that does….see if the IPs are the same (and send us those IPs), it would be very helpful…I can see if they have been blacklisted for some reason. Also a screenshot of the full 403 error would be most helpful.
Thank you! Love you too! Lee
So… there you have it. Denny, if you’re still having the problem, please check your IPs as Lee suggested, and e-mail us a screenshot of the 403 error you’re receiving.”
Ain’t computers grand? xoxo

“Without the guys and the comments, it’d just be a bunch of porn.”

Dub and Erik spent Saturday evening/night over at Austin’s house – eating pizza and watching movies in the home theater. It’s one of their favorite things to do. Since it was just going to be Ben and me, we called and asked Keon and Rick if they wanted to go out to dinner. They did… so we went to a Mexican restaurant down on Southwest Trafficway. The food was delicious (and authentic) and afterward, we came back to the house… made a pitcher of margaritas… grabbed a couple of joints and headed to the hot tub. It was the first time we’d been alone with them in a while and it was cool. At some point, we had turned the jets off and were just sitting in the water with the circulation pump running… passing a joint and talking. Ben asked if they had a new blog up and running – and Rick said, “No. We meant to start one… but then, we got to talking and didn’t know what the point would be. I mean, without the guys and the comments, it’d just be a bunch of porn. And there’s millions of porn sites already.” Ben said, “Why don’t you guys start doing “Friends Fridays” posts again?” Rick said, “I dunno. I think we may have pissed off some of the CCC guys.” I said, “Rick, you didn’t piss anyone off… but even if you did… it wouldn’t make a shit to us. You’re our best friends and Ben and I think the stuff you posted was awesome.”
So, long story short, Keon and Rick are going to be back posting on Fridays before too long – and we’re really happy about that.
What Rick said is true. “Without the guys and the comments, it’d just be a bunch of porn.”