“WHOA” Dudes!

We’ve done lots of “WHOA” posts – and lots of “Series dudes” posts… but these are four guys that make us go “WHOA” and who just have to have more than one photo. The first is “Zane” from Spunkworthy (pics #01 – #012). The second is “Jerold Benton” from Next Door Casting (pics #13 – #24). The third is “Malakai White” from Broke Straight Boys (pics #25 – #36). The last is an “Unknown to us dude” from Icon Male (pics #37 – #48). We’re guessing “bw” and/or “Beto” will be able to identify him for us. The dudes are different… as are the photo sets… but DAMN! They all make us go “W H O A” !!

It’s a boy!

I have mixed feelings about this post. Ben and I prefer “amateur” pics – as opposed to those taken by professional photographers. That said, these are all photos from sites where dudes are paid for showing off their junk. Doesn’t matter all that much, I guess. Still some nice scenery here!

Hey, guys. It’s Cal. I asked David to do a post I could tag on to. It took some doing, but Alex and I are “foster parents” now. “Chance” is a delightful six-year old boy. I’ll try to bring you up-to-date without boring you with too much detail.
-Chance is blond, has big blue eyes and an amazing smile. He seems to be a normal kid except he has “profound hearing loss” and knows very little sign language. The social workers tell us that other than being deserted by his parents, he doesn’t appear to have been abused. Up to this point, he’s been raised by his maternal grandmother. About a month ago, she suffered a severe stroke and is now in a nursing home paralyzed on one side and unable to talk. The social workers haven’t been able to locate either of his parents.
-The Social Services people were concerned about placing him with Alex and me because we have no experience with deaf kids and don’t know sign language. A friend of my Mum and Dad’s who lives in their condo knows a lady named “Roberta” who has a 25 year old son who is deaf. She’s fluent in American sign language and has been “looking for something to do.” Alex and I met Roberta and she’s a delight. Her son is now married and lives in Colorado. She says she “skypes” with him and his wife 2 or 3 times every week. Anyway, my parents have hired Roberta to come to our house daily to teach sign language to Chance, Alex, Bella and me – and any of our friends and relatives who are interested. The Social Services people met her and approved us as foster parents on the condition that Roberta will be with us.
-We rented Alex an office space and moved his business out of our house to free up a bedroom for Chance. We repainted and furnished it – and moved Chance in on Tuesday. Roberta has been here every day since, as have Dub and Tra. It’s been a big change for Chance, but he loves all the attention he’s getting and thinks Dub and Tra are “awesome.” Roberta says the boys are “sponges and they’re learning so quickly it’s scary. “We’ve met with Ben and “Dr. C” and Chance will be going to Ben’s school this fall. Roberta will go with him to interpret.
-So, that’s what’s going on with us. It seems like we’ve already had a full summer… and it isn’t even half over yet!
xoxo Cal, Alex, etc. 🙂