… meanwhile… in the mens’ room…

Wow. It’s hard to believe it’s been 6 1/2 years since we did a “mens room” post. It’s always been one of our favorite topics… lots of fun stuff happening in there!

We had some wonderful entertainment at Jim and Carol’s house on Cinco de Mayo. After we’d eaten fried ice cream, Silas took out his guitar and started playing: “llegar a conocerte, llegar a saber todo sober ti”. He’d asked Daisy if she’d sing with him – but she wasn’t. So he laughed and said “I guess she wants to do it in English.” So then he started singing “getting to know you, getting to know all about you,” and Daisy started singing softly with him. Before long, the whole gang joined in. It’s a wonderful song and Daisy is a wonderful puppy. We’re thinking they may want to take the act on the road 🙂

Some “head-to-toe-naked” bois for our buddy “Brad”.

Ben and I have been concerned about not hearing from our buddy “Brad” lately, so we sent him an e-mail – just checking in to make sure things were o.k. with him and his hubby. Here’s his reply:
“Hi Guys,
Thanks for checking in…I am very touched! Things have been very busy for my hubby and me in the past couple of months. Leaving no free time for fun things like visiting and commenting on URD.
I won’t go into great detail, but my husband had gall bladder surgery in April that went well, but was serious and he was hospitalized for several days. He came home and was recovering when earlier this month, he developed pneumonia and was hospitalized again. He came home last week.
I am playing nurse/doctor during his recovery. He is on a continuous IV antibiotics now, and is basically confined to our home. Hopefully, he will no longer need the IV after next week.
Please let the CCC know that I miss interacting with them on URD, and I will be back as soon as I can.
Thanks again for your concern for my hubby and me. This shows URD is unlike any other blog/website…it is like a family.
Hugs to all of you!
It was good to hear from Brad and we’re sending him and his hubby our prayers and best wishes for a quick, complete recovery. To let them know we’re thinking about them, here are some “head-to-toe naked” boys – who are sending smiles to brighten our friends’ days. We love you. xoxo David and Ben

this ain’t porn…it’s just a little peek at the “goods”…

Wow. Travon’s adoption is final and Cookie (aka “Dog”) is settled in her new home – so the boys are gonna celebrate with a party weekend at the Lake. David and I will be taking Dub and Travon to Springfield on Friday (…shhh. we’re ditching school) where they’ll spend the weekend with the grandparents and Coco. Izzie will be spending the weekend with her grands over at the condo,,, and Austin is staying at Erik’s. The amount of planning required to free everyone up for some “lake time” is amazing but we’re looking forward to Table Rock and blowing off some steam (among other things).
David is going to do the “treasure trails” post requested by “bw” and “Denny” tomorrow – and we’ll be back late Sunday afternoon. We’re super excited about a chance to spend (what we think is a well-deserved) “adults only” weekend at our little lake hide-away!