Delightfully delicious dude!!

On Friday, our buddy “bw” commented, saying: “I know Quinn Jaxson is “straight” but I wonder if there in not a little bi in him – in any event he is incredibly gay friendly as well as simply beautiful. There’s lots of stuff out there – maybe a Quinn post?”
So we looked in our Quinn Jaxon folder – found that it had 327 pics in it – and David said, “You wanta pick ’em? I said, “Yup” and started dragging pics to my desktop. I ended up with more than 48 and decided a few extras wouldn’t hurt. I doubt if the last pic is really him… but if it isn’t, at least we have a pretty good idea of what Quinn would look like with a mouth full of cum 🙂

Last night, we had Keon and Rick over for dinner. It was our first time to entertain since my accident and it was fun. David made lasagna and Rick and Keon made a big salad – including Keon’s favorite “greens.” After dinner, Keon said they had a surprise for me – but I’d need to be naked. We were all pretty buzzed so I let them take my clothes off and Keon put me in a straight-backed chair and blind folded me. Then, the guys took turns sucking my dick. Each would bring me to the edge – but not get me off – and then another would start. Interestingly, even blind-folded, I was pretty sure I could tell who was sucking me. I mean, of course I know what it feels like having my dick sucked by David – and Ricky’s dick-sucking skills are legendary… so, I just knew. After what seemed like an hour, I was begging them to get me off – and David finally took pity and sucked out my load. It was such fun that we decided to take turns being blind-folded and having our dicks sucked. What an amazing, perfect evening!