Happy birthday, dear Ray… Happy birthday to you!

Today we’re celebrating the birthday of one of our dearest friends, Ray. It’s difficult to say how wonderful you are, babe… and how much we love having you as a key part of our UnrulyDude family. We love you – and wish you every happiness on your special day. Hope you enjoy these unruly dudes we’ve selected for you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABE! xoxo David, Ben and the Northland gang.

It’s “Friends Friday” and we’re having a look at Ray’s favorite “Porn pup.”

Our first “Porn pup” request came from our buddy “Ray” who commented: “Brock Mathews sure is an appealing twink. My own favorites in porn are somewhat more mature, the one I find most attractive (as to his looks) goes by the name of “Adam Ramzi”.”
And so, of course that led us to a web search… and as we looked through Adam’s pics we just kept saying “WOW!!” Thanks for leading us to an outstanding “pup”, Ray. He’s gorgeous!