Happy birthday, dear Bill… Happy birthday to you!

Bill. You’re one of our best buds and we wish you good health, love, happiness and a lifetime of wonderful Kaslo moments and memories. Happy birthday, babe. We love you!
David, Ben and the Table Rock gang.

Here you go, dude. Flesh Jackers!

Way back on December 17, 2015, we did a “flesh jackers post” and said (in part):
This is the first “fleshjack” post ever on URD – and, probably the last. David and I talked about it… and fleshjacks are something we just don’t understand.”
We still don’t. However… having said that, there are a whole bunch of amazingly hot dudes on the internet with their dicks stuck in these silly little plastic things. Of course, what’s fun… is imagining what’s deep in these flesh-jacks… and knowing how happy they’d be if their dicks were in our mouths instead 🙂

Dude. It’s time for a “Bananarama” !

Dude. It’s like this. There’s a pandemic going on… and there’s no one at the glory holes… and meeting up with someone without a mask on your face ain’t gonna happen. Why not just stay home and stick a banana up your butt? Nothin’ better to do… WHY-THE-FUCK WOULD YOU NOT?