Time for some dude potpourri!

Isaiah came over to our house today to “hang with Dub, Chance and Travon.” They played video games and played outside with the dogs… and then Ben and I made lunch for them. During lunch, Isaiah said “last night, Taylor and Angus came over to our house and we had left-over turkey sandwiches and stuff and Dad and Taylor drank a bunch of booze. Then, Taylor said he was too tipsy to drive home and wanted to know if he and Angus could crash on our couch. And that didn’t happen because dad insisted Taylor sleep in his bedroom with him.” Isaiah just grinned and said “You know, I was the big winner because Angus slept in my bed with me and sometimes he’d snuggle up against my leg and it was really cool to have a ‘bed buddy.’
I rather doubt if Caleb and Taylor think Isaiah was the “big winner”, but we’ll just have to see how that goes 🙂


Bad Ass Bitches got a attitude!

Hey. It’s Chad. David and Ben wanted us to try posting to URD, so I thought “Cool. Why not.” So here are some dudes with “attitude.” I think they’re probably not as bad ass as they think they are… but I love ’em anyway! xoxo Chad

Dude. Check out these “packaged meat” selfies!

About 3 weeks ago, Ben did a “packaged meat” post that I thought was really fun. It got me thinking about guys who take selfies in their underwear – and what a wonderful thing the internet is. So here are some “packaged meat selfies” I thought you might enjoy. I think they’re yummy 🙂

Dante and Silas had a big party over at the “rainbow aerie” Saturday evening. Their house isn’t quite finished but the deck and hot tub are… and they’re spectacular. The house is being built partially into the hillside and the deck is cantilevered out over the valley. The kids’ favorite part of the whole thing is the wrought iron fence that surrounds the deck on three sides. It’s six foot high but can be retracted in one foot increments down flush with the deck. It’s an engineering wonder and a great safety feature – controlled by apps on Dante’s and Silas’ apple watches. The hot tub is designed for 10 people and the kids had a ball playing in it. It’s big enough they can actually swim in it. After dinner and a busy evening, Denise and Scott took the kids to their home for a sleep over and the “adults” got a turn in the hot tub. Of course we did it naked with plenty of smoke and margaritas and it was a blast. Silas spent some time sitting naked on the edge of the tub playing his guitar while his oh-so-beautiful uncut dick got nibbled on by passers-by. We’re all excited for them and their beautiful new home.