Dude. Check out these “good old boys”!

Hey, guys. Sorry about so few posts lately. Thanks for your concern. It’s been totally nuts around here. David and Keon are at a week-long business conference in Chicago… Rick is impossibly busy getting ready for fall planting season… and Chad and I have been busy getting school started – plus spending a lot of time over at the site for the new school. “Dr. C” has commitments for the money to build the first phase. It’ll have classrooms for “preschool” and grades one through six – plus a “multi-purpose room”. We’re using he same architects who designed our Kansas City campus, so it’ll have every modern safety and health feature. We’re hoping to have it built by the start of school next year. It’s been fun to watch the site progress but also a lot of work. The kids are wildly excited about getting back in school. We’re expecting an excellent (fully masked for now) year. I promise we’ll do a better job of posting in the future. Hugs. Ben

Here’s an e-mail we received Tuesday from our new friend “Lloyd” in Canton:
“Hey, David, Ben and friends on URD. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and advice about being a sperm donor for my friend “Karen”. I called her and we went out for lunch and I told her I’d thought it over and couldn’t do it. She was disappointed but said she understands. She said ‘You know, what we both need is to find a good guy to fall in love with and build futures together. Knowing us as I do, we’d probably pick the same dude and end up hating each other.’ She’s an amazing friend.
The next thing that happened was my boss called me into his office and said ‘I may have good news for you.’ I’d requested a transfer over a year ago. Not because I didn’t like my job or living in Canton, but because it’s the only place I’ve ever lived and I want to experience other things and living in other places. He told me there was an opening in our home office in Austin, TX and management wanted to interview me. So, I flew to Austin to meet with them. After a series of interviews they offered me the job with a generous cost-of-living adjustment and a substantial salary increase. I accepted – spent a couple of days looking for a place to rent – found one and signed a (one year) lease. The only bad thing is they want me there ready to go to work on September first. So, I came back to Canton, rented a U-Haul trailer and (with the help of family and friends) loaded all my stuff into it. I’m heading out tomorrow. It’s almost 1400 miles so I’ll be a tired puppy when I get there. I’m realistic enough to know everything won’t be perfect, but I’m excited about the change and I’ll make it work!
Phil, I’m sorry this means I won’t be able to meet you and Kyle and that makes me sad. I wish I’d known a long time ago you live in Canton. I’m pretty sure we could have been great friends.
Anyway, when I get settled in Austin, I’d like to become a member of the URD comment club if that’s o.k. with everyone.
I guess the next time you hear from me I’ll be a “Texan.” I just hope they’ll let me vote down there. Love you guys. Lloyd

Dude. Check out these bulges, dickprints and v.p.l.’s!

Here’s a comment we received from “bw” yesterday:
“I hesitate to suggest a post, but this one inspired it, sort of. Everyone here at URD has been known to check dudes out if they are bulging, and trying not to get caught. Then Saturday I saw a throwback picture of Edgar and Johnny Winter (Johnny died 7 years ago Friday) and they are both in jeans, both pretty gifted boys, and both hanging to the right (All you younguns – Google the Edgar Winter Group). So my suggestion – a visible penis line post (or as the kids today call it a “dickprint”). And not staged for TikTok or Twitter – Real dudes showing a real bulge. I know this is a lot of work and a lot to ask, but I think it would be a fun post.”
Bill… please don’t ever “hesitate to suggest a post.” Post requests are our absolute favorite thing. This one was especially fun, so THANK YOU for a fun post suggestion! xoxo

Jingle e-mailed us pic #07 within minutes of Bill’s request. Thanks, babe!

Dude. Check out these average joes!

Last week, we had an e-mail from “Chaz” in Jacksonville, FL (which he pronounces Flora-DUH “because of all the rednecks down here”). He said (in part):
“Hey, guys. My hubby and I are big fans of Unrulydude. We don’t comment, but we’ve been with you since before the day you met over by the University. We love the way your families have grown and the community you’ve built there at the lake. We get a big kick out of your kids and hope to have one or more of our own someday soon. We’ve been approved as foster parents and are expecting to meet our first foster child sometime in the next few weeks.
We always enjoy the posts you put together, but the ones we like most are the “average joes”. My hubby is the sexiest guy I’ve ever known and he has a belly that I absolutely love. Maybe someday you could do a post of average joes with bellies? I don’t mean like Sumo wrestlers or hairy bears… just young dudes with average dicks and a belly instead of six-pack abs. That’d be sooo cool!
We’ve read about the Delta variant of Covid going wild in Southwest Missouri. Please be safe and take good care of yourselves and your young-uns. We’re hoping the vaccines will be approved for kids under the age of 12 soon. We love you. Chaz and Kevin