Happy birthday, babe. We love you.

Dude. I’m seeing “Red” !

Since we’ve done “White” and “Black” to start our new “colors” posts, it’s time to get to the “primary colors.” I’m a little confused about how many “primary colors” there are. Some sources say three (red, yellow and blue) – but others add “green” for a total of four. Since we know green is the favorite of Dub, Tim and Matty, we’ll go with four. For today, we know Ben’s favorite is “red,” so we’ll start there.
I think it would be interesting if you guys would comment and tell us what YOUR favorite color is. It certainly doesn’t have to be a primary color… it could be pink, brown, orange, grey, purple or whatever. If you tell us your fav, we’ll try to make a post out of it.

As soon as Ben and Dub get home from school this afternoon, we’re headed to the Lake for the big wedding weekend. As the primary wedding planner, Dub has already loaded all the important stuff in my car. I doubt if there are any red neckties or suspenders left in stores in North K.C. 🙂 We’ll give you a full report on Chad and Raef’s wedding when we get back home.

Happy Birthday, Ben… and Happy Independence Day to all!

I’m pre-posting this for Thursday morning and hoping the WordPress Gods will cooperate. By the time this posts, theoretically, Rick, Ty and Keon’s new cabin will be finished… the kids and grands will have arrived at the lake… and the celebrations are about to begin. Along with wishing my hubby the Happiest Birthday ever – we want to wish all of you happy, safe 4th of July celebrations with friends, family, lots of good food and things that make you “POP”! Happy Birthday, babe… and Happy Holiday, guys! xoxo