Happy Birthday, Ben… and Happy Independence Day to all!

I’m pre-posting this for Thursday morning and hoping the WordPress Gods will cooperate. By the time this posts, theoretically, Rick, Ty and Keon’s new cabin will be finished… the kids and grands will have arrived at the lake… and the celebrations are about to begin. Along with wishing my hubby the Happiest Birthday ever – we want to wish all of you happy, safe 4th of July celebrations with friends, family, lots of good food and things that make you “POP”! Happy Birthday, babe… and Happy Holiday, guys! xoxo

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, sweet baby. Happy birthday to you!

We’re about to leave for the lake, so I’m pre-posting this for Wednesday morning. Hope WordPress co-operates. At this point, we’re not sure who all will be at Table Rock with us this weekend, but the whole gang is invited and I imagine there’ll be a bunch. We’ll give you a full report when we get back home.
For now, Ben and I want to wish all of you a safe, happy 4th of July holiday. Have fun and STAY COOL!

Four amigos.

Since yesterday was “Presidents Day,” there was no school, and Dub asked if he could “have the guys over.” We said, “Of course,” so he called and invited them. He even invited Izzie but she already had plans to spend the day with her friend Kylie. So, Dub, Erik, Austin and Travon spent some time with the dogs in “Ft. Dub,” then we took them to “The Main Event” for some lazer tag, mini golf and other fun stuff. After that, we came back to the house for some “sliders” that David made on the grille – and then some fun in the hot tub. It was Travon’s first time in a hot tub and he was a little scared at first, but after a while he LOVED it. They’re quite a foursome. Dub pretty much takes the lead… Austin is his “main man”… Erik is their co-conspirator… and Travon is their quiet bud who is learning about being with friends (for the first time ever)! Dub makes one thing clear to everyone. Travon is his buddy and no one better mess with him. When Keon and Rick picked him up yesterday evening, Travon walked up to David and me and said, “I had fun. Thank you.” That might not seem like a big deal – but, trust me, it’s HUGE!