In a ginger state-of-mind!

Hey. It’s Keon. Since David and Ben are off in snowy Colorado, I guess it’s my turn to do a post.
I thought about subjects – and, of course came back to gingers. You know, before I met my husband, I’d never thought that much about redheaded guys. Sure, I knew a few – and they were o.k. – but I never really thought about them sexually. That changed for sure when I met Rick. Since we’ve been together, I think about redheads all the time. I’ve come to understand there are several variations. Golden gingers. Copper gingers. Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Strawberry, Mahogany – and probably a bunch more. I like looking at them all – but I LOVE being with Rick. I’ve always thought he was sexy – but when we grew beards and mustaches for No-shave November, I think he became just about the sexiest man alive. The last picture in this post kind of reminds me of him – but I think he’s better looking.
Hope you guys like these ginger dudes. I’ve tried to include a few of each variation.

Dude. Time for some ginger Unrulybois!

We missed yesterday’s “Unrulybois” due to Rick and Keon’s amazing “ebony and ivory” post. So, we thought – in honor of our dear friends (and our favorite ginger boy) we’d do some ginger Unrulybois today. We appreciate all Rick, Keon and Alex do for us – and hope you guys will enjoy these Unruly redheads!

We’re in full-on Christmas mode here in the Northland. Yesterday, we took Dub shopping for “Toys for Tots.” It’s a great charity and Dub wanted to spend all his savings on “Toys for the kids who don’t get much for Christmas.” We told him he needed to set a limit so he’d have money left to buy gifts for his Mom, the dogs, David and me. So, we picked out a bunch of toys and he used his money to pay for two of them… and David and I paid for the rest. After we dropped off the toys, we all went shopping and got gifts for Angie, the pups and the guys. David and I will take him separately this week so he can get us each some little something. We’ve bought him some small gifts but haven’t decided on his main gift yet. We’re thinking about it but can’t decide. We asked him what he’d like and he said he wants some pictures of his Mom. He talks with her every Saturday, but says sometimes it’s hard for him to remember what she looks like. We’ll figure it out. Hope you guys are all happy and getting ready for the Holidays. It really is “The most wonderful time of the year.”

It’s a “Friends Friday” ginger blast!

Hi. I’m Keon. I’m Rick’s husband; Ben’s long-time main bud; David’s close friend and business apprentice; and Dub’s very proud Uncle. I’m black and my husband is a ginger white boy. Rick and I were married last Christmas in David and Ben’s home and the five of us are just about inseparable.
Rick and I LOVE Unrulydude, and we look at the posts together every evening at bedtime. We’ve been looking at URD and reading your comments for so long that it seems like we already “know” you.
A few weeks ago, Rick asked me if I thought we should maybe volunteer to do some posts (to help out the guys) and I thought it sounded like fun. So we asked ’em, and they liked the idea so we’re going to be doing “Friends Friday” posts every week, at least for a while… if you guys like what we do.
I have to admit that putting this together has taken a lot longer than I thought it would. Anyway, Rick and I hope you like the photos we post and thanks for joining us in this big old URD family!
(B.T.W., the dude in the first pic looks quite a bit like my husband, only Rick has lots more freckles – like the guy in pic #7).