Dude. It’s a “Friends Friday” peek at the “Art of the fuck.”

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. Finally getting back to our “Friends Friday” routine.
We’ve been really, really busy here in the Northland. Yesterday and today, we’ve moved Cal and Alex out of their condos and into their new villa. David, Ben, Dub, Keon, Alex, Cal and I packed and moved everything and we managed it without even as much as a bar glass getting broken. Been a lot of work, but it’s done and we’re excited for them in their new home. Cal will head out to Australia tomorrow to get things settled with Bella – and to move her home. We’re looking forward to welcoming the newest addition to our little extended family.
In the mean time, hope you guys enjoy a quick peek at “The art of the fuck”!
Rick and Keon

A Friends Friday visit to Rick’s scrapbook.

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. I couldn’t decide what to post today… so I got thinking about my “scrapbook.” It’s just a folder that I stick stuff in while I’m roaming around on the web. There isn’t a subject – or theme – it’s just a bunch of stuff that I think is cool – or interesting – or strange – or whatever. I’m hoping you’ll like at least some of these – or find them interesting – or whatever 🙂

It’s a “Friends Friday” suck ‘n fuck fest!

Well, guys, this is our third “Friends Friday” post, and we’re having fun with it.
After I did the first FF post, Tim from MO commented:
“A confession I have to make: I have often thought about you an Keon as a couple….a red hot, fair-skinned ginger…..and a delicious chocolate stud getting it on. It’s a thought that always makes me smile…”
Then, last week after Keon did the FF gingers post, Denny commented:
“Just a suggestion for next week maybe? Black dudes and white dudes together? Doin’ what horny dudes do? ?”
So Keon and I talked and got busy collecting pics and both worked on putting this together. While we were doing it, we were talking and Keon said, “I bet there are some UnrulyDude members who’ve never had sex with either a black dude or a red-headed guy. Maybe these pics will show ’em what it’s like.”
So, we finished the post and we’re headed to bed to “do what horny dudes do.”
Hope you guys like the pics!