Happy birthday, dear Larry, Happy birthday to you!

Larry. With our most profound best wishes for happiness on your birthday – and always.

We were in a quandary about what to post for Larry’s birthday… and were talking with Keon and Rick about it. Rick said, “I think Larry is all about young naked boys, and I have something in mind.” So he sent us a folder titled “Ruslahka Art” with over 200 photos in it. Ben and I debated about it – and finally said, “Hell, why not?”
So here you go, Larry. Silhouettes of boys… celebrating their nakedness and sex. We’re posting this with a guarantee. If you don’t like it, we’ll do another post for you with more realistic young dudes.
Having said that, here’s wishing you every happiness on your birthday and in the coming year.
We love you,
David and Ben (and Dub)
p.s. For any of you who may be interested in Ruslahka Art, here’s a link:
And b.t.w. We know a lot of you won’t like this post. Just ignore it. It’s not for you – it’s for Larry.