Happy birthday, dear Ryan. Happy birthday to you!

Here’s today’s comment from Beto:
“Ryan (Archangelus), I don’t know if you’re around, but Happy 31st Birthday and all the best to you!! Last time we heard from you was on Larry’s birthday last year, when you asked for a post of big feet and big dicks; in 2015 you wanted skaters, so it’d be nice if you could appear and tell the guys what are you up to this year. 😉”
Well said, Mr. Chairman. And, Ryan… Happy Birthday, dude!

Happy birthday dear Ryan, happy birthday to you!

Our amazing Chairman commented yesterday, saying:
“Boys, just a little reminder: Ryan (aka Archangelus) commented on Larry’s birthday post (there’s a tag to it) asking for a post featuring big feet and big cocks for his birthday, which was yesterday, August 8. In case you have the time for that, I’m sure he (and the rest of us too, of course) would appreciate your work a lot! ?Hugs, Beto.”
And yes (embarrassingly) I fucked up and missed Ryan’s birthday. My bad. It’s on my calendar and somehow, I just went brain-dead and missed it. Sorry, dude. Wish we had Beto’s phenomenal memory. Anyway, Happy (belated) birthday, and hope these pics brighten your day!