O Tannenbaum!

It’s hard to believe it’s Christmas eve and the temperature outside is 74 degrees. It’s supposed to be 72 degrees tomorrow so a white Christmas sure ain’t gonna happen this year. While the kids would love some snow, they’ve been having fun playing corn hole and horseshoes and other outside games. They’re all really excited about their individual Christmas trees and it’s all very hush-hush. No one is telling anyone about their tree so it’ll be a big surprise tomorrow morning. To tell the truth, Ben and I (and the other dads) are about as excited as the kids.
We’re planning on a HUGE crowd tomorrow over at the Koala Cove club house. The entire gang will be there… plus the grandparents and probably several others. There’ll be lots of food – the Christmas zip-line – and fun for all. We’ll give you a full report afterwards.
Ben and I (and the whole Table Rock gang) wish all of you a safe, healthy, Happy Holiday with lots to eat and good times with family and friends. MERRY CHRISTMAS. We love you! xoxo

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

The house is decorated, the presents are wrapped under the tree and we’re officially ready for Christmas. We’re going to Christmas church services this early evening with Keon, Rick and Travon … then David, Dub and I plan a quiet family Christmas Eve at home – opening some gifts and watching Christmas movies. The entire gang will be at Scott and Denise’ condo in Briarcliff tomorrow for a grand Christmas celebration.
I’ve been thinking a lot today about blessings. David and I are thankful for our family, our friends and our dogs. We’re thankful for bright smiles, firm handshakes and warm hugs. We’re thankful for Holiday nights filled with children, angels and bright stars.
To you, your families and friends – a Blessed Christmas. We love you!

Ho. Ho. Ho. Merry Christmas!

First thing, guys. David and I want to thank you for the tremendous outpouring of support you’ve shown us in the past week. We had started to question the value of UnrulyDude and you’ve let us know that the pics and reports of happenings in our little corner of the world mean something. With our jobs, house and cabin, dogs, friends and… oh, yeah, a very active five year old boy to keep up with, we’re busy. Real busy. But we love our URD family and we love sharing a bit of our lives with you. We won’t be posting every day, but know that UnrulyDude will continue and every photo and story comes with our love. You’re awesome. THANK YOU!

Tuesday was the last day of school before Christmas break for Dub and me. Like most teachers, I love my job, but was thrilled at the prospect of two weeks without kids, staff meetings, papers to review and so forth. Of course, Dub was excited about Christmas, but asked me why the break had to be so long. He really likes his school, teachers, fellow students and “learning stuff.” We’re keeping him so busy he won’t have a chance to miss school too much:)
Callum’s parents arrived from Australia last Monday. They’ve rented a furnished condo over at Briarcliff Village, about 15 minutes from here.
Alex and Cal had a small get-together so they could meet their friends and we found them to be warm, fun, interesting people. They’re absolutely crazy about Izzie and Alex and it’s easy to understand why they wanted to be here for the Holidays. Last night, they (Cal’s parents) took Dub, Austin, Izzie and her friend Kylie out to dinner (Steak’n Shake) and to see “the Nutcracker” at the Kauffman Center. We all wondered how they would manage with the four kids, but apparently everyone had a grand time. Dub was absolutely euphoric when he told us about the “little girl and her nutcracker and the great big mouse.” David and I were sort of kicking ourselves for not having thought to take the kids to see the Nutcracker before. I’m guessing it will become a Christmas tradition for all of us in the future.
By the time this posts, we’ll be headed to Springfield for an early Christmas with the grandparents. We’re pleased they’ve invited Jim and Carol (our Tablerock friends) to join us for the festivities. We’ll be coming home Sunday so we can spend Christmas eve at home with Dub, Keon and Rick. Then, we’re going over to Cal and Alex’ place for a big Christmas dinner. They’ve invited everyone who was at our house for Thanksgiving, so we know it’ll be fun. Alex says Cal’s Mom has been wonderful planning and getting ready for the crowd.
We’re still curious to see what Dub’s Christmas presents for everyone will be. As of now, we don’t have a clue… but he says he’s “got it handled,” so it’ll be fun to see what he’s come up with.
Jingle requested a post of “Naughty Santas and Elves!! 🙂 You know, dudes in Santa Claus costumes, being Trashy and Unruly!!” – so we thought that’d be a great way to wish all you guys a Merry Christmas and good health and happiness in the New Year.
Love you all!
Ben and David