It’s a “Friends Friday” look at Scandinavian gay porn!

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. Lately, we’ve been exploring one of the great things about the internet – gay porn from around the World. Over the past weeks, we’ve looked at French, Asian, German and Arab gay sites, so maybe it’s time to see what turns on our Scandinavian friends. This post was kind-of requested by “bw” who commented last week, saying: “maybe a Scandinavian post so I can get a fix of pretty blue eyed boys with a few ginger Vikings thrown in?”
That sent me looking at Scandanavian posts – stuff principally from guys in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. I was a little surprised. What I found was a bunch of blonds, of course, but generally a much broader assortment of dudes. I guess if I were to characterize what I found, it’d be some blondes, a mixture of men, lots of twins and a ton of sex between blondes and black men (especially appealing to me).
Of course, Norway is supposed to be the happiest Country on Earth – probably because of a 35 hour work week and free health care for everyone.
And, bw, hope you won’t mind, but I think we’ll save the redheads for a later post of Irish porn:)