It’s a bunch of scruffy dudes… ummm… however…

Even though we have a “reason” for doing this post of dudes who shave their junk, we’re apologizing in advance to “bw” and the rest of you who only like pics of men with body hair. Sorry guys 🙂

Keon, Rick, Travon, Ben, Dub and I went out to dinner Saturday evening and afterward, Dub (and Buzz) were invited for a “sleepover” at Travon’s house. Ben and I were excited about an evening at home alone and had just mixed up some margaritas, gotten naked and were headed to the hot tub with pot pipe in hand when my cell phone rang. It was Rick’s brother “Chad,” so, of course I took the call. He said, “David. It’s Chad. Are you guys busy?” I said, “Ummm. Not really. Dub is at Travon’s and Ben and I are just headed to the hot tub.” He said, “O.K. if I join you?” I said, “Well, we’re naked. If you’re o.k. with that, sure. Come on over.” He said, “I’ll be there in five minutes.” So, I grabbed an extra glass and Ben and I headed to the hot tub. We’d been in the water for about 2 or 3 minutes when Chad opened the door and walked out on the deck. He said “Hey.” and started taking off his clothes. When he was naked, we couldn’t help noticing a few things. First, he’s pretty hairy and has a full beard but his junk is shaved smooth as a baby’s butt. Second, his dick was very, very hard. Third, although he’s maybe the straightest guy we’ve ever known, he looked amazing naked.
He jumped in the tub, Ben handed him a drink, and he said, “Man, this is great! Uhhh. Am I interrupting?” We just laughed and Ben said, “Nah. man. You’re always welcome.” We all drank a bit and passed around the pipe. Chad said, “Thanks for letting me come over. I’ve had a real shit day and kind of need to be with friends right now.” I said, “What’s going on?”
Long story short, Chad said he’d caught his “woman” doing crystal meth again. Said she had a long history with meth and had absolutely promised him she’d never do it again. But she’s relapsed several times and the last time he told her if she ever did it again, they were finished. She did and they are. He’d spent the day moving his stuff out. He said he got his boat and trailer stored “at the lake” and put the rest of his stuff in a storage unit. He said he’s leased another house but the current occupants haven’t finished moving out so he won’t be able to move in until next weekend. I said, “You’re welcome to crash here for the week if you want.” He said, “You sure?” And Ben said, “Absolutely.”
We drank and smoked some more and were all getting pretty buzzed. Then -just very casually – Chad said, “I’ve never done sex with a dude.” We figured it was just him being buzzed so neither Ben nor I commented. A couple of minutes later, he said, “I mean, I don’t see anything wrong with guys having sex and you all are my best friends.” Ben said, “We have lots of friends who’re straight. It’s not a big deal. It all just depends on how you’re wired.” We passed the pipe around some more and Chad said, “I really want to try sex with dudes.” Again, neither Ben nor I commented. After a while, Chad said, “Would you guys have sex with me tonight?”
So, Ben and I looked at each other… then we lifted his lower body up out of the water and proceeded to take turns sucking his dick. He got off pretty quickly and we figured that would be the end of it. We relaxed for a while and drank a bit more and passed the pipe around again. Then, Chad surprised us by saying, “There’s a lot more sex stuff I’d like to try. Could we maybe go get in your bed now? Please.”
So, we did. And I guess you’d say if there’s any gay sex thing we didn’t do, it’s because we didn’t think of it. For a “straight” dude, Chad is a “natural” at gay sex. We slept together that night and when he woke us up in the morning, we did it all again.
I don’t think Ben or I – or Chad – know what this means, if anything. We do know Chad’s spending the next week at our house and we’ll help him move his stuff into his new place next weekend. He asked us if we were going to “tell the other guys about this” and we said “Yes. Of course.” He grinned and said “Hell, maybe you could do a post about it.” So here it is. And that’s why the pics in the post are of scruffy dudes with shaved junk – like Chad 🙂

To catch a snowball…

Yesterday was a short day at school (administrative planning time), so Dub, Travon and I got home from school a little after noon. We had lunch and, since it was sunny and the temp was in the low 40’s, the boys were excited about playing outside in the snow. It was melting just enough to make it perfect for making snowballs, so a bunch of neighborhood kids showed up and they decided to make “snow forts” and have a battle. “Buzz” absolutely loves the snow and was in the big middle of the whole thing. The boys got their forts built and were throwing snowballs at one another and Buzz thought his job was to catch every snowball thrown. He’d run back and forth trying to catch them and we were all laughing and I pulled out my phone and started taking pics. Eventually, the boys got tired of the snowball fight and started making snowmen. Buzz kept wanting to play so Dub would make a snowball and toss it in the air and Buzz would catch it… and try to bring it back. Of course, all he got back with was a mouthful of water and some slobbers, but Dub was on his knees and telling him “Good boy, while David and I and some of the other parents looked on and laughed.
We thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and agreed we’re thankful for boys and dogs and snow… and for a beautiful, cold afternoon in the Northland.

Scruff ‘n bone.

Rick came over tonight after he got off work. He brought a garden plow so we could plow up Dub’s garden and get it ready for planting next Spring. He brought some composted turkey manure to till in to the soil, and after we were done, we covered the whole thing with a light layer of straw.
The garden has been an unqualified success. It produced a surprising amount of good, fresh food… but it’s been so much more. It’s taught us about the cycle of life and and helped us to get to know (and understand) Dub even better. I couldn’t tell you how many times he came running into the house saying “Come look… come look”! And he’s grab our hands and take us out to the garden to see where some radishes, or a potato or corn plant had broken through the soil as it reached for the sun. Every plant was a miracle to Dub as it popped through the top of the soil… and each one of them became a miracle to us all. And, while the garden was a group effort, I wouldn’t even venture a guess as to how much time Dub spent out there alone with his little hoe… making sure no weeds got in the way of his plants.
It’s been a wonderful experience – for Dub – for David and me – for Rick and Keon and Alex and Cam – and for friends – and neighbors we’d never met who Dub dragged over to see his garden. We’ve frozen some produce – and stored more in the basement – and we’ve photographed and recorded everything in Dub’s memory books.
We’re already getting excited about next Spring – and getting the garden underway again!