Check it out, dude. Selfers!

Special thanks to Alex for all the HOT videos he’s been posting over on the video blog – and especially the self-suckers he’s had for us the past few days. By way of thanks, we thought we’d do a photo post to sort-of compliment his stuff. Thanks, babe. You’re the best!

I can… therefore, I do!

Yesterday evening, Jake got here a little after seven, and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a guy more nervous. David and I had talked about it – and I said, “He may be nervous when he gets here.” So I’d made up a big pitcher of fresh-squeezed lemonade – put some lemon slices in it – and dumped in a half bottle of vodka. So, David was in the kitchen finishing up dinner and I took Jake in – introduced them – and poured us each a nice, big lemonade. We had a great dinner – smoked one of Keon’s joints – poured another round of lemonades and went into the living room to get better acquainted. Small talk for a while and then Jake said: “You guys seem real happy. I think that’s cool. I don’t have a girlfriend and haven’t ever done anything with a guy. But I’ve watched some gay porn on-line and some of it seems pretty neat.” I asked, “What part of it looks ‘neat’?” He thought about it for a while and said, “I guess I think maybe gettin’ sucked and suckin’ dick might be o.k.” So I scooted over next to him and started rubbing his crotch. His dick was already hard… so I said, “If you want, you can stand up and drop your jeans and I’ll suck your dick.” He took a couple of big slugs of lemonade and stood up – facing me. I undid his belt – pulled down his jeans and unders – and found myself staring at about 6 inches of beautiful, hard, uncut dick – which I clamped my mouth on. Jake’s legs were shaking like crazy and I knew he wouldn’t last long – so I took my mouth off his dick and motioned for David to come have a taste. He did – and after about 15 seconds was rewarded with a big load in his mouth. David and I started kissing and swapping Jake’s cum – and to our surprise – Jake joined us in the kiss. After a few minutes and some more drinks of lemonade, Jake said, “If you guys wanta take off your clothes, I’ll try sucking your dicks.” We did – and he did – and I said, “Damn. Dude. For someone who’s never sucked dick, you’re really, really good at it.” He grinned and said, “Uhh… I said I’d never done anything with another guy – but I didn’t say I had never sucked dick. I suck mine all the time.”
I said, “You’re kidding!” And he said, “Nope. Wanta’ see me do it?” David and I said “Hell yes!” at exactly the same time – and so Jake sat down on the couch – bent over and put his cock in his mouth. I don’t mean he kissed it – or licked the head – what he did was swallow his hard dick all the way to his pubes. Amazing. Anyway, all we did was suck dicks and eat cum – and Jake eventually ended up spending the night in my room downstairs. When he left this morning, he shook both our hands – thanked us for a “real fun evening” and said he’d like to call me again sometime. I told him to call anytime he wanted. Life is just full of surprises!

I can… so I fuckin’ DO !

A few days ago (concerning the dude yoga post) our buddy “Jingle” commented: “Oh my… The thought occurs to me that if a dude can bend over backwards that far, he should be able to bend forward and suck himself!! Now that, I’d like to see!!”
So here you go, babe. A bunch of boys suckin’ their own dicks. Can’t imagine any guy (gay or straight) who wouldn’t do this – if he could.