Check it out, dude. “Selfie sticks”!!

O.K. I ran across pic #1 in this post yesterday and e-mailed it to Ben. He immediately sent me back pic #2. So, I put together this post we thought you guys might like. We don’t have a name for it – but we’re guessing that the members of our “Constant Comment Crew” – or another of you guys will come up with an appropriate name.

We haven’t talked about it – but, since we have a hot tub – and since Dub lives with us now… we were wondering about what we should wear in the hot tub when Dub is with us. So, Keon and Rick came over one evening and we had dinner (Dub’s favs – grilled crappie and asparagus with a green salad) – and Dub wanted to get in the hot tub – and Ben and I weren’t sure if we should all wear swim trunks or at least underwear- and Keon said, “Fuck that. Dub’s gonna be a soccer player and he’ll be around lots of naked guys – and that’s all natural. The worst thing we could do would be to make him feel like being naked was wrong – or that he needed to have clothes on around other guys.”
So we all just got naked and got in the hot tub – and Dub looked at us and grinned – and pulled off his clothes and did a naked cannonball right in the big middle of us.
No problem. Just some neckid guys enjoying the bubbles and the company.

Check it out, dude. Selfies!

Ben and I had talked about doing a “selfie” post… and, when we opened our “selfie” folder, we noticed how many of the guys had shaved their junk. Ben said, “I don’t know why guys who do selfies always seem to want to shave their stuff.” I said I didn’t know either. So, here are some guys who shaved their junk and got naked and took pics. Tomorrow, we’ll post some selfie guys with pubes and hair… and testosterone-induced junk. One ain’t necessarily better than the other. Just different.

So last night, we met Craig and Kerry at Jack Stacks BBQ and had a wonderful dinner… and lots of wine… and, afterwards, went up to Kerry’s loft, and had some more wine and smoked a joint… and just mellowed out… and Kerry said he wanted to show us his new stuff. So he took off his shorts and underwear and, sure enough… he had gotten a p.a piercing and a guiche piercing… which meant that all four of us had the same piercings… except David and I are “cut” and Craig and Kerry are “uncut,” and their piercings are new and need to heal. So, eventually, we smoked another joint and ended up naked on the floor… and, since Craig and Kerry are both healing… Ben and I fucked ’em… and licked their new piercings… and it was really fuckin’ wonderful. I think they’re maybe officially a couple now.