Dude. Check out these “top shelf selfies”!

Hey, guys. It’s Ben. Sorry we haven’t posted in a while, but it’s been crazy around here.
Last Thursday morning during breakfast, Chad called me to say he wasn’t coming to school. He said he’d been up all night with nausea and vomiting… had been having stomach cramps… and was running a temp. He said Raef wanted to take him to the emergency room but he said he was “feeling a little better now and the cramps have stopped… so I’m just going to rest and take it easy today.”
After the call, I told David and Dub what was going on and Dub said “I bet it’s appendicitis, we’ve got to get him to the hospital. I called Chad back and told him to get dressed, we were taking him to the ER. So, within about 15 minutes we were at Chad and Raef’s house. David stayed there with Dub, Matty and Alyssa while Raef and I loaded Chad into my car and I broke just about every traffic law on the books getting him to Cox Medical Center in Branson. When we got there, they loaded him onto a gurney and took him back for tests. Sure enough, it was a ruptured appendix and they rushed him into surgery. The operation took about 2 1/2 hours and he was a really sick dude but but the doctors performed their magic and saved his life. They said if we’d gotten him there 30 minutes later they probably wouldn’t have been able to save him.
So, with Chad in the hospital and the gang taking turns staying there with him, I was going to be handling school by myself. David said “I’m not a teacher, but I can help out.” So David has been helping me at school all this week. Chad’s doing fine now and came home from the hospital yesterday. He says he’ll be back in school with me on Monday. He’s a dear friend and we’re just so happy that he’s recovered and going to be fine.
With Chad in the hospital, we cancelled our planned gang get-together last weekend and are planning to do it next weekend. We’ve invited Dante and Silas so everyone will have a chance to meet them.
So that’s what’s been happening here. Sometimes our laid-back life here at the lake gets pretty crazy. xoxo Ben and David

Dude. Time for a background check!

Well. This hasn’t been the best 24-hours we can remember… with the Chiefs’ embarrassing loss to the Bills last night – and Matt Amodio’s loss on Jeopardy today.
The Chiefs have obviously forgotten how to tackle (among many glaring problems), and Matt seemed tired and ready to end his streak at 38 wins.
Oh, well. 🙂

Dude. Check out these “before and after selfies”!

On Saturday, our buddy “Bills” commented, saying: “The selfie-series here (#25, 26 & 27) got me thinking that it would make a cool post; a bunch of “before and after” pics that are all “selfies.” What do you think guys?”
What do we think? We think it sounds like great fun. Thanks for the suggestion, Bill. Our best posts always come from our friends’ suggestions!