We’re all really “pumped” because WE VOTED today. This year, any registered Missouri voter can vote by mail – due to the Covid threat. We sent in our “Mail-in ballot requests” on August 25th and our ballots arrived by mail yesterday. Of course, Missouri wanted to make voting by mail as difficult as possible so they require that ballot signatures be notarized. Our attorneys have a young lawyer in the office who is a notary, so he came over this morning (wearing mask, gloves and shoe coverings). We all (sort-of) ignored how CUTE he is while he notarized our ballot signatures. Then David took the ballots to the Kimberling City post office and mailed them. Now we won’t have to burst our “covid bubble” here at the lake by going to the polls on Nov. 3rd. It’s a wonderful feeling!
On an unrelated subject, we surprised the kids last Friday when “Patricia” came over to begin teaching them about pottery. Dub and Austin figured out that “throw a pot” is “jeter un pot” in French or “tiara uno olli” in Spanish, which was news to Chad, Patricia and me. It was just an introductory session but he kids had a blast (there’s nothing kids like more than playing in mud and potting clay is a lot like that). Bella and Tra took the work very seriously and probably made the best pots of the day. Patricia helped each of them work out a potters signature and date their work. We’ll continue with the training for at least the current quarter – and probably much longer. xoxo Ben

Check it out, dude. Selfies!

Hey, guys. We’re back. Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers. We’re all good here – and doing well in our little village by the lake. Dub is continuing to work afternoons with Nathan and the crew over at the Koala cove villas. They’re real to finishing the first two of the units.
Over the next week or two, we’ll be doing posts with the guys updating you on the kids and what’s happening with them.
Be careful. Be safe. And remember… wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, wear your masks and practice social distancing. We love you and we’ll get through this. xoxo Ben and David

Check it out, dude. “Pit selfies”!

Our last (and only) “Pit selfies” post was on Feb 12, 2018. It was a topic suggested by our buddy “Beto” and, interestingly, he didn’t comment on it until last week (June 17, 2020). Anyway, it’s been a while and we think it’s time for some more dudes who like showing us their pits while they take their own pics to save for posterity 🙂

Guys, we won’t be posting for the next few days because Wed, Thur and Friday of this week are “moving days.” We’ll give you all the details on Saturday (or Sunday). Be safe and well. We love you. David and Ben