Dude. Check out this beautiful naked European boy!

I realize this will have limited appeal… but I just have to post these pics. This kid looks really young but he was photographed by mikefriends.com and they’re a respectable site so I feel sure he’s 18 or over.
I know nothing about “Danill” except he’s a beautiful young man with some of the prettiest eyes I’ve seen. Also, he appears here exactly as God created him… with hairy balls, junk, pits, ass crack, legs and feet. Since I have no idea when these pics were taken, I don’t know how old he would be today but I sincerely hope he’s never let a razor anywhere near his body.
While I know Danill won’t appeal to everyone, I’m hoping that “bw” pr “beto” or maybe one or two of you other guys will join me in admiring this beautiful young man.

Hey, guys. Can you name the dudes in this “variety pack”?

Here are three dudes we think are really HOT – and we’d like you guys to name them for us. Actually boys #2 and #3 are fairly easy to identify, but the first has us stumped. His body and beard strike me as being remarkably similar to my hubby… but, of course he has a bit more hair up-top than David 🙂 We’d love it if one of you could name him for us. bw? anyone?

BEN: Lots going on here. I’ve been spending a bunch of time over at the site for our new school. The engineering, site planning and architectural designs are completed but construction hasn’t begun. Interestingly, “Miss Evelyn” has paid for everything to date, but she’s made it clear she won’t pay for construction of the school. “Dr. C” assured us that wasn’t a problem and he’s been working the phones and holding fundraisers. He currently has commitments for “about 90%” of the cost of building the first phase, so it shouldn’t be long before we break ground. It’s going to be awesome.
We’ll be starting classes soon so the kids are really excited. It’s been a short – but fun-filled summer break.
Denny asked about Nathan, Diana and the boys. The short answer is they’re doing GREAT. Dub hasn’t been spending much time over at their place because Diana’s mother has been staying with them and helping with the babies. Dub checks in with them a couple of times each week – and takes care of Diana’s herb garden, but he’s enjoying spending his time doing “lake stuff.”
One last thing. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the past week on Jeopardy. Matt Amodio is spectacular and we thought David Faber did a very good job of guest-hosting. Considering the controversy surrounding Mike Richards and his history of discrimination lawsuits, we’re thinking a new permanent host is “anyone guess”.
Be well. Stay happy and cherish your friends and families. We love you! Ben

A late (and very pleasant) discovery

On April 18th, our friend “Beto” sent us a large number of pics of “Anton Adamos,” a model from the late 1990’s. We had seen – and even posted a few of these, but the collection Beto put together is stunning. After we received the pics, we searched through our “posted” folders and found a few more that are included here. We’re posting Beto’s e-mail containing his research at the bottom here. THANK YOU, BETO for this wonderful “stroll down memory lane”!

Here’s the text from Beto’s e-mail of April 18th:
“Hi, guys. Learning that you welcome pics from us viewers so much, I went to take a look at some old CDs with hundreds of pics saved back in the 2000s. Then I found a series of pics of a dude on the sand that I’ve always found so hot and decided to try to discover more about him. And I did: the guy is a Czech model known as Anton Adamos, having also used the names Petri Kent, Axel Cane, and Sven Danton. The series on the beach (pics 1-19) was a photoshoot for the Freshmen maganize back in 1998, and in 2002 he did a solo video for BelAmi, but apparently didn’t continue to work there (his chest hair didn’t make him the typical BelAmi boy). One source that I came across says he later did gay and straight porn, but I’ve never seen him in any sex scene. Perhaps bw knows something more about him.
As you’ve been blogging for so long and seem to enjoy the stories of these porn dudes, I thought you wouldn’t mind me sharing this collection of Anton Adamos with you. 😉 Maybe you even posted some of these on your previous blogs? To me this feels a bitl like a stroll down memory lane. 😉