Dude. Gotta wear your shades!

Dub has been wanting to have Chance over to our house to see his room, garden, plants, dogs, etc. – so yesterday, we did that. Roberta is going to be at Cal and Alex’ place five days per week and have weekends off, so it worked out well. When we picked Chance up, he wasn’t wearing sunglasses and that was upsetting to Dub… who never goes outside without his. We asked him if he had sunglasses and he “said” he didn’t, so, of course, we stopped at our optometrist’s office on our way home and got him some. Dub was relieved that Chance’s eyes will now be safe from UV rays when he’s outside. The boys were a “hoot” wearing their “shades” and thought they were about the coolest thing ever. We took tons of pics. Dub and Chance had a GREAT day – and “Buzz” didn’t get more than a foot or two away from them. We did salads and individual “make your own” pizzas and Chance thought that was awesome. Although they don’t know all that much sign language yet, communicating doesn’t seem to be any problem whatever. Dub says “talking” with Chance is “real easy – you just do it with your hands and eyes.” They’re obviously going to be very good friends!

Nice shades, dude!

All three of Dub’s (living) grandparents came up to K.C. last Friday to meet with our attorney and sign adoption consent/recommendations. They could have handled it by mail – but we thought it was incredibly nice of them to want to do it in person. While they were here, Dub’s g-ma Annie asked if he had any prescription sunglasses. I said he didn’t, but we could get him some. She said they thought it was real important that he have some with UVA/UVB protection lenses… and insisted that she and his g-pa Mick take him to order some. They did… and the shades arrived today. Our son has now become just about the coolest dude that ever lived. He wants to wear his shades in the house as well as outside. He really is a cute little shit!

Just a “shade” better!

After all the excitement of our trip to Puerto Vallarta – and meeting Leo – and coming back home – we seem to have forgotten to mention a very nice birthday party the guys threw for me. When we got home last Thursday evening, we walked into the house and found that Caleb and Kerry had decorated the living room with a huge birthday banner and balloons everywhere. So Friday evening, all the guys were here and we had pizza and salad. Keon made the salad so you can guess what kind of “special greens” he put in it. We had a wonderful evening and, instead of gifts, the guys all chipped in on a contribution to “Wayside Waifs,” our local no-kill animal shelter. For my birthday, Ben gave me some amazing shades that he bought while we were in Puerto Vallarta and I look forward to wearing them on lots of bike rides soon. First day of Spring tomorrow. Lots of warm-weather fun times ahead!