Dude. These boys would be butt naked if they took off their shirts!

We’ve all been enjoying the unseasonably warm weather the past few days. The temp got up to almost 80 degrees yesterday so the kids wore their shorts to school. I’m sure we’ll have another cold snap or two before Spring, but it’s nice being outside on days like this.
They drilled a water well over at Dante and Silas’ “aerie” yesterday. It’s 320 foot deep and has a solid 25 g.p.m. flow rate. They’ve sent off samples for testing, but the self-test kit they used says it’s good water. Alex has already done sketches of a house situated very near the highest point on the property… with a big deck and hot tub out front overlooking the lake. It’ll take them a while to build, but I’m sure it’s going to be awesome.
We’ve been enjoying Jeopardy and are pleased Ken Jennings is hosting the regular program. Ben, Dub and I think he’s the closest anyone could possibly be to Alex.

Nothin’ hotter than a dude in a white tee!

Hey, guys. It’s Keon. As you know, Cal kicked off our series of posts about our kids on Sunday, so I’m going to “have a go” at it. Before I do that here’s something you might find interesting. Rick loves plain white tee shirts. He buys them by the six-pack and that’s mainly what he wears. With his red hair and freckles he looks so good (sexy) in them that I’ve started wearing them a lot myself. And – you guessed it – since his Dads wear white tees all the time, that’s what Travon wears. It’s sort of our family uniform. I hope you like these “boys in white tees” as much as Rick and I do.

Ahhh. What can I tell you about Travon? As you know, we started fostering him in January, 2018 and finalized his adoption three months later. He was five years old at the time. He didn’t speak when he came to us (his former foster parents said he was “deaf and dumb”) – he was a “spitter” and even spit in my face (once!) – and he was afraid of just about everyone and everything. Today, just 2 1/2 years later, he’s talkative, has good manners, loves being with family and friends, and isn’t afraid of anyone… well maybe a little afraid of Bella… but who isn’t? 🙂
He loves school and Ben says he’s a “really quick study”. Janette tells us he’s learned French faster than any of the other kids, except Dub. He and “Max” are pretty much inseparable and we rarely see one without the other. We (Rick, Travon, Max and me) read together every night at bedtime. It’s the best part of our day. We’re currently reading book two of “Percy Jackson and the Olympians.” It’s a 5-book set so it’ll take us a while 🙂
Pop-pops has given Tra a ton of photo equipment and he’s become a good photographer (we’re glad he uses only digital format because we couldn’t afford “film” for all his pics). He has the patience of a saint and sometimes sits for long periods waiting for just the right lighting and photo opportunity. He’s taken hundreds of high-res pics of the king snake that makes its’ home in our rock garden. Last month, Pop-pops made 16″ x 20″ prints of twelve of his snake photos and entered them in a
photo art competition in Springfield. He won second prize, which is really good since the other exhibitors were all professional photographers.
Tra loves swimming, wake boarding, horseshoes, fishing, being with his friends and our “Table Rock campus” school, so making our home here at the Lake is just about perfect for him. He’s a happy, 7-year old boy – he often makes us laugh and always makes us proud. As Cal pointed out, you shouldn’t expect “fair and balanced reporting” about our kids because… well, they’re our kids. I’ll end this by saying Tra is the JOY of our lives and he’s given us infinitely more than we’ve given him.
We hope you and yours are well, happy and using your protective equipment wisely. This pandemic can’t last forever.
xoxo Keon and Rick

A shirts enough!

Yesterday, Beto commented, saying: “Larry noticed many fingers and toys at work, and I noticed that 1/3 of the field is not totally naked, but pantless, so I think there will never be a shortage of top-notch material for posts related to Jingle’s idea.”
So, we talked about it and I said, “I think I remember Jingle asking for a post of guys with shirts and no pants. I thought we’d already done that – but I can’t find it. I’ve looked at all the “tags” and through our posted folders… but it doesn’t seem to be there.”
David thought about it and said, “I remember the request – but I don’t know if we ever did the post. It’s not on our “post request” notepad, so maybe we missed it… just in case, let’s do a ‘neckid below the waist’ post today.”
So, here it is.
I’m not using Dub as an excuse… because he’s the joy of our lives… and the most amazing little dude ever… but he’s a really, really busy little guy – and he keeps us both pretty busy and we’re probably not as organized as we were before he came here to bless our lives!