Dude. “Hit the showers”!

On Tuesday, our buddy Jingle commented:
“I have long wanted an outdoor shower!! How wonderful to be naked outdoors, under the hot wet spray!! And if you had a buddy in there with you?? (But I digress!!)
The thing is, in the Upper Midwest climate, the window of opportunity to actually use it is small!! I just can’t justify the cost of several thousand dollars for a decent one, that could be put “to bed” for the cold months!!
Which brings about another idea… How about a post of dudes in their outdoor showers?!?! Could be fun, and sexy, and hot!! And those of us in the North could live vicariously through it!! 🙂”
So… here you go, babe. Some pics for you to enjoy as these dudes lather up and rinse off outdoors for your viewing pleasure. Yummy!

We have an outdoor shower. It’s on our deck fairly close to the hot tub – and uses the same heater. We do have to turn it off and “give the line a blowjob” before freezing weather arrives, but we’re farther South than you are so we can use it longer. The kids LOVE it and it’s a wonderful place to bathe the dogs. They play out there and waste a ton of water… but it’s from Ty and Damien’s spring… so the water is free. Thanks for the post suggestion. This was fun!

Dude. Check out these “hotties in the shower”!

Yesterday, Denny commented, saying (in part): “Could we maybe have a post of hotties in the shower, maybe “doin’ stuff” to themselves or to others?”
We LOVE post requests and “showers” are a favorite subject.
Actually, the shower is where David and I usually have sex. We’ve perfected a whole bunch of eat ass ‘n ‘suck ‘n fuck positions in a small space with water cascading over us. YUM!
Thanks for the request, Denny. You’re tha best!

Denny was asking about “Chance” and how he’s doing with his cochlear implant. The short answer is he’s doing wonderfully well. He’s an interesting kid. He absolutely worships Cal… and has almost perfectly adopted his Aussie accent. He walks like Cal… talks like Cal… and even smiles like Cal.
As for his implant, he wears it all day, but takes it off at bedtime. It’s now such a natural thing that none of us ever even think about it. The implant is a miracle – and so is Chance!

Dude. Whachagonnadoboutit?

You know how it is. I mean, you think you’ll just hop in the shower for a quick de-funk… and up pops your favorite shower toy. So, whachagonnadoboutit? Seriously, what ARE you gonna do about it? (If David’s home it isn’t a problem…but if he’s not…”whachagonnadoboutit?” 🙂

Hey, guys. It’s Cal. I really screwed this up. I’d asked Ben if he could do a post I could “tag-on” to and he did this one – and when I wrote the tag, I somehow managed to post it without my comments. I’m glad David and Ben understand WordPress, I’m pretty sure I never will.
Anyway, wanted to let you know Chance got his bandages off yesterday. He was really happy about it and was able to shower yesterday evening (for the first time since his surgery). The Doctor said he’s healing “remarkably well” and there’s every reason to believe the implant can be turned on in three or four weeks. Then, the work will begin. Roberta has been studying about learning to hear with cochlear implants and has put together a daily program for him. It’ll consist of saying a word and showing it to him in writing and signing it at the same time. She’s also working with Dub, Bella, Alex and me so we can use the same method. We told the Doctor about it and he said it sounds “Perfect.” He won’t have the implant turned on until after Christmas – and it’ll be a long process – but he’s a bright kid and has lots of resources – so we’re betting he’ll be hearing before too long.
We’re all super excited about Christmas at the lake. Alex has been making weekly trips to Table Rock to supervise construction of Ty and Damien’s new cabin – and he works on decorating our cabin for Christmas every time he goes down there. Knowing my hubby, I’m sure it’ll be awesome! xoxo Cal and Alex