Time to hit the showers, dude!

Yesterday morning Ben and I went to the gym and worked out, as usual. Afterward, we showered at the gym, as usual. When we got in the car and headed home, Ben said, “You notice?” I said, “You mean the cute blond dude with the Patrick Mahomes haircut, wedding ring and dick hanging halfway to his knees, checking us out in the showers?” He said, “Yeah, him.” I said, “Nope. Didn’t notice.”

Dude. It’s a Friday “hit the showers” flashback!

Dude. Time to hit the showers!

Back on Feb. 7th, our friend, “Alex” commented, saying: “I’d like to add another request: How about a post with guys naked in public (group) showers?” Ben and I liked the idea because we both shower at the fitness club every morning after our workouts – and like looking at the other dudes – and having them look at us. Sometimes, someone (including us) will pop a bone, and it’s interesting to see other guys’ reactions. Thanks for the suggestion, Alex!

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