Dude. It’s time to wrap-up “Movember madness”!

Hi, guys. It’s Silas. We started off the month with a Movember madness” post – so I thought that’d be a good way to end it. More horny bearded dudes showing us what horny bearded dudes do. Some of the Table Rock guys are talking about shaving off their beards but some of us are gonna keep ’em… at least for a while. My own beard is a little sparse (it looks a bit like the guy in pics #01 and #048 here). Dante (who has a heavy, thick beard kind of like pic #021) looked at mine the other day and said “Babe. That ain’t a beard, it’s just bumfluff.” I just grinned and punched him 🙂

Maybe it’s time for a bit of a change!

Hey, guys. It’s Silas. I’ve been following the blog and lately it’s been a bit of a “hair orgy.” I for sure don’t mind because I love body hair, pubes, hairy pits, legs and ass cracks – but I know some of you like your boys shaved and smooth. So here are some guys that fit the bill. I’m hoping Denny can find one or two who will work with his “no hair, don’t care” rule 🙂

I want to tell you about something that happened last week. On Wednesday I got a text from Isaiah’s dad, Caleb, asking for a conference. I texted him and told him I had a two-hour “planning period” on Thursday and could meet with him then. I pulled all of Isaiah’s records and was ready for our meeting on Thursday… but when Caleb arrived he said it wasn’t Isaiah he wanted to talk about. He said “You guys have done an amazing job and Isaiah loves his school and friends. He’s doing well and is stuttering a bit less. It really is a miracle.”
So I said “What did you want to talk about?” He hesitated, then said “I need to talk with you about me.” I said “What’s up?” Then the story just poured out. He’s from Chicago and when he was in high school he went to a party where he got drunk and buzzed on weed and had sex with a girl. He said he didn’t really even know her, it just happened. Then he found out she was pregnant. She wanted to have an abortion but Caleb wanted the baby. She finally agreed to have the baby if he’d pay her ten thousand dollars. He didn’t have the money so he asked his parents and they agreed to loan him the money. She had a baby boy (Isaiah)… took the money, signed away her parental rights and moved away (Caleb doesn’t know where). His parents paid the medical bills and helped him with the baby. He said things were going o.k, although there were frequent disagreements about raising his son (he said his parents are “radical Christian wing-nuts”). When Isaiah was six, his parents wanted to adopt him and demanded that Caleb give up his parental rights. He told them there was no way he’d give up his son. He said things got ugly and they ended up suing him for custody plus the medical expenses and the amount remaining on the loan. He didn’t have money for an attorney so he found a pro bono child custody lawyer to handle it. Long story short, the judge who heard the case ruled that Caleb would retain custody of Isaiah but he was ordered to pay his parents the money. He and Isaiah wanted a change, so they “just made a snap decision and moved to Table Rock lake.” He said he has a good job and finished paying off his parents last year. They’re no longer in contact. Isaiah is 9 years old now.
He said “I’m a single dad and Isaiah and I are doing fine. But I’m gay. I’ve always known I was gay and the older I get the more lonely I feel. I’m 28 and don’t have a sex life or any gay friends. Then, I went to the Halloween party at hawks nest and saw you guys and how happy you are and how much you love your kids and it’s all I can think about. I don’t really know what I want but I wonder if I could maybe be your friend. Not for sex or anything but just your friend.” I told him I’d be honored to have him as a friend and I’d talk with the rest of the guys about him.
I texted the guys and told them about Caleb and Isaiah. They all said we should do whatever we can to help them. David said he and Ben were planning a party Saturday evening and thought we should invite them. So we did. We had a cookout and everyone was there. Then Denise and Scott took the kids to Koala Cove for a sleep-over. Isaiah was so excited about spending the night with the kids he was just beaming. Of course you know the rest. After the kids were gone we broke out the margaritas and smoke and headed to the hot tub. Caleb took to it like a “duck to water.” He got naked in near-record time and obviously had the time of his life. He’s about 5′-11″, 165# and a very cute guy. We’re excited about having him in our group. Alex even says he knows a dude he wants to introduce him to. We’ll see how that goes 🙂
Be well and happy. Love ya. Silas (and Dante)

Check it out, dude. It’s “Movember madness”!

Hey, guys. It’s Silas and it’s November… so, of course it’s time for the Table Rock guys to grow facial hair. We don’t participate in “Movember” because we think their rules are dumb (they allow mustaches only), but I guess beards are a fall tradition here. Most of us have already skipped shaving for a few weeks so now there are some impressive beards. Dante, David, Ben, Keon, Cal, Damien and Raef in particular are looking like “mountain men.” Some of the rest of us are less hirsute but we’re giving it our best shot. So I was thinking about facial hair and thought some pics of dudes with beards would be fun. There are several types here and I hope you like the variety. Love ‘ya. Silas (and Dante).

Last night’s Halloween party was a huge success. We started off with a two-tractor and trailer hayride in the Ozark hills. I took my guitar… and one of the other teachers took his. We sang songs like “Monster Mash,” “Six little ghosts” and “Flyin’ purple people eater” and the kids loved it. We ended the hayride at “Hawks Nest” where we met up with the parents and the rest of the teachers. We were pleased (and a little surprised) that every kid had at least one parent there – and most had both.
Since the guys have all been growing beards, our boys wanted beards as part of their costumes. Alex was a champ and made beards and/or mustaches for them. Of course, Bella and Alyssa thought that was a bummer, so Alex made beards for them too. They were the cutest bearded ladies ever!
It was good to spend time and get better acquainted with the parents. They’re a good group and seem to genuinely appreciate the job we’re doing with their kids. They were all totally blown away by Hawks nest.
The best thing that happened to me was when one of the parents (a cute guy named Caleb) introduced himself and told me I’m his son Isaiah’s favorite teacher. He said Isaiah’s stuttering had been a huge problem in his former (public) school and he had been bullied there because of it. He said Isaiah would cry – or fake a stomach ache – or once even hid under his bed to avoid going to school. He says now that he’s in our school, Isaiah is up early every morning and excited about going to school and seeing his best buddies – Dub, Chance and Matty. I told Caleb I’d noticed Isaiah doesn’t stutter at all when he sings and we’ll continue working with him on it. It’s gratifying to know you’re making a difference.
We had a short day at school today because we knew the kids (and teachers) would be tired after a long night of Halloween revelry. The party was a lot of work but definitely worth it. I’m sure it’ll become an annual thing 🙂