Check it out, dude. SISCO !

Yup. Another new post acronym. It started when I did a “jeans” post a while back and “BillS” commented, saying: “Hot post! I imagined them FCCO! LOL” That got Ben thinking about doing a post of shirtless dudes in jeans with their cocks out. He came up with the new acronym “SIJCO” which “Jingle” nailed immediately. Anyway, it’s Spring now and we’ve mostly traded our jeans for shorts, so I thought a “SISCO” post would be fun (Shirtless in Shorts, Cock Out). Hope you guys are enjoying the warmer Spring weather – and find inspiration with these dudes (mostly) in their shorts!

It was an unusually brutal Winter and here in the Northland and we’re excited about Spring’s arrival. The grass has turned green almost overnight – the birds are building their nests and the squirrels are out and making the dogs crazy. The gang will all be at the Lake for Easter weekend. We’ll get the boats out of storage and spend some time on the water – even if it’s too cold to be “IN the water.” 🙂