Dio ti benedica e ti tiene, amico mio.

Here’s a comment we received last Tuesday from Beto:
“Here there’s no atmosphere for celebration ’cause my grandma passed away last Thursday. She was the typical Italian mama — the center of the family, full of energy and disposition, overprotective, wanting her kids and grandkids under her wings. Twenty days before my birthday she was already thinking of making me a carrot cake, despite all the sad limitations age was imposing her… :'( But she enjoyed life to the maximum and was in peace, and I know I was blessed with my grandparents.
Dear one. Please know that we love you, and we’re with you in Spirit. Always.
David and Ben

Sit. Stay!

Hey, guys… Sorry about not getting this posted last night. Our internet was out. My BAD. We had Google fiber and I got this idea we should change to Time Warner because they have AMC and I wanted to watch “Better call Saul.” David thought we should stay with Google fiber and wait until “BCS” came out on DVD. Anyway, we’ve had lots of “outages” and are switching back to Google fiber on June 14th. Live and learn, I guess.