Dude. It’s a Friday “straight skinny” flashback!

We had a comment earlier today from Beto, saying:
“Awesome full analysis, Anthony!! I see you also love the slim dudes… and I don’t know if it’s a universal belief or not, but here people say skinny dudes have big dicks. So, David & Ben, would you like to confirm this belief with a post of hung skinny fellas sometime? ?”
Anthony responded that he liked the post suggestion – and I hadn’t put a post together for today… so I checked David’s old Unrulyboi blog pics, and sure enough… there was a post titled “The straight skinny.” I realize that we’ve posted some of these pics before, but I thought it was pretty much exactly what Roberto and Anthony had in mind. Here you go, guys… a bunch of skinny dudes with some serious meat between their legs. Enjoy!

Skinny, uncut white guys!

This post request came from “Kevin” who said: “how about: skinny, white, uncut guys with an untrimmed bush and just a splatter of chest hair…………….please X X”
Wow, dude… that’s the most specific request ever. Took a while to put it together… but it was fun! I’m not positive that every pic fits all five of your criteria, but I think they’re pretty close. Thanks for the suggestion!