“Soft to Hard — Before and After!”

On Monday, our buddy “BillS” commented, saying:
“I have not taken the opportunity to check out this post yet, but the title gave me a post-idea. It may be a hard one to do, but I can’t remember when URD has ever let me down! (-:
“Smaller and Bigger — Before and After!”
or “Soft to Hard — Before and After!”
I’m sure you know what I mean. Two pics of the same guy. First soft then hard! It sounds like a simple idea but will the pictures be easy to find? I don’t know!
So what do you think? XOXO”
What do we think? We think when our “Requested-in-Chief” asks for a post, it’s time to get our butts in gear. Here you go, babe… a bunch of “show-ers and grow-ers” that should fill the bill.
(We should mention that many of these dudes are repeat visitors to URD… just not in this format. We don’t think it really matters 🙂 )

Yesterday, Ben and I took Dub, Austin, Travon, Bella and Chance up to St. Joseph to watch the “Chiefs” training camp. What fun! Getting a chance to see Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Chris Jones, Andy Reid, etc. in person was a big-time thrill for us Chiefs fans.
It was the most time we’ve spent with Chance and he’s a joy. He’s talking to us more and more and honestly, there isn’t a communication problem for any of us – especially Dub and Chance who seem to have learned ASL overnight.