Sniff THIS, bitch!

O.K. Here’s a confession. I’m a sniff freak. It started out with sniffing’ my brother’s jock and undies before I even knew what sex was. Continued through high school where I’d sneak into the boy’s locker room and sniff jocks, tee shirts… whatever. Then college when I’d sniff my roommate’s dirty undies and socks while I beat off. Man smells just make me fuckin’ crazy.
So… Ben moves in and he always smells so delicious… and yesterday afternoon he was out running errands and I found myself sitting on the floor of the closet in front of the laundry basket sniffing his dirty jeans, undies, socks and tee shirts while I played with my junk. When he came home, he asked what I’d been doing while he was out… and I grinned and said, “Mostly sitting on the floor in the closet in front of the laundry basket sniffing’ your dirty clothes and playin’ with my junk.” He said, “Sounds fun. Did you get off?” I said “Nope.” He said, “Wanta do it with me?” And I said, “Fuck yeah.” So we went to the closet, got nekid, sniffed dirty laundry and beat each other off. It was fuckin’ wonderful.
Know what? I bet just about every one of you guys has done this at some time. Want to tell us about it?

Sniff THIS, Bitch!

Had a comment from my buddy, “Muddog” yesterday saying, “Love them sniffers! how ’bout a sniffer post sometime. nothing is as good as man smells, but then you know that!” Sometimes it’s a little spooky how Muddog and I think alike. I originally intended for yesterday’s “Cum Rags” post to be a sniffer post, so I had this mostly put together before the request. Thanks for the suggestion, Muddog… this should get your olfactory perception tuned up and crankin’.